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Radio - Sunday, December 27th, 2015

As in keeping with the last show of the year this is the Year in review looking at the highlights in punk in 2015. Listen to the show on the player above or download and MP3 here

DISGUSTI - A Thousand Prickly Needles (High Fashion Industries)

Top 10 Canadian releases
10. ALIENATION - Election Fraud (Self-Released)
9. NO PROBLEM - Eyes of ISIS (Deranged)
8. ABSOLUT – Hysterias Window (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
7. CAUSTIX - Fucking Nightmare (Self-Released)
6. BISHOPS GREEN – Lost Generation (Rebellion)
5. ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION – Politix of Violence (Seminal)
4. THE PAGANS OF NORTHUMBERLAND – 20 Years (Self-Released)
3. ANIMAL CRIMES - V.O.T.D. (Self-Released)
2. THE CHAIN – Your Mistake (Self-Released)
1. BRUTE FORCE Demo – White Middle Class (Self-Released)

Top 10 7” eps
10. RIXE “Coups & Blessures” ep - Coups & Blessures
9. PISSING MATCH – No Regard (Self-Released)
8. FAST ASLEEP – Automaul (Deep Six)
7. URBAN SAVAGE – The End – (Savage)
6. PURE DISGUST “Chained” ep - Race War – (Katorga Works / Quality Control HQ)
5. DIRECT YOUTH - Get Away (Halshugga)
4. 2 X 4 – Mental Shock (Twerp)
3. PILLAGE - Cycle of Hate (Residue)
2. AJAX - Priced (Static Shock)
1. NIGHT PROWLER - Fight Back (Kram)

Top 10 LPs
10. TERVEET KADET - Lapin Helvetti (Svart)
9. BARCELONA – Pasión (La Vida Es Un Mus)
8. ANTI-CORPOS – Policia Genocida (No Gods No Masters / Emancypunx)
7. NO TOLERANCE - Not For Me (Painkiller)
6. DEAD HERO – Ladrones (Discos MMM)
5. RED DEATH – Perpetrator (Grave Mistake / Hardware)
4. LONG KNIFE - Burning Will (Long Knife)
3. CRUTCHES – Avbruten (Not Enough)
2. CHAIN RANK - Time For You To Leave (Self-Released)
1. PARANOID - Nangijala (Shigo No Sekai) (D-Takt ja Rapunk)

Top 10 Demos
10. BLANK BODIES - Broadcast Carnage (Self-Released)
9. BREAKOUT - In Our Hands-Recruiter (Self-Released)
8. STRUTTER - Lunch Lady (Self-Released)
7. PRESSING ON - There Is A Way (Self-Released)
6. JAVLA - Creature Comforts (Self-Released)
5. LOS CAIDOS – Cicatrices (Self-Released)
4. C.I.B. – Hallelujah (Self-Released)
3. AGGRESSION PACT - Feeble Mind Fucked Life (Self-Released)
2. CONCEALED BLADE - False Gods (Self-Released)
1. G.L.O.S.S. (We're From The Future) (Self-Released)

Rob’s Top 10
10. THE ATOM AGE - It's a Mess (Self-Released)
9. DIRTY FENCES - These Freaks (Slovenly)
8. LONG KNIFE - Sharpened Bone (Long Knife Records)
7. CHROME CRANKS - Driving Bad (HoZac)
6. THE PAGANS - I Juvenile (Soul Jazz)
5. NIGHT BIRDS - In The Red/In The Black (Fat Wreck)
4. MAGISTER LUDI - We're Loud (Slovenly)
3. ROYAL HEADACHE - Need You (What's Your Rupture?)
2. G.L.O.S.S - Outcast Stomp (Self-Released)
1. WHITE REAPER - Make Me Wanna Die (Polyvinyl)

Tonight’s demo feature is from Halifax and features a Dark Wave / Goth inspired punk band called Unreal Thought. You can download their demo at their bandcamp page.

UNREAL THOUGHT – Minds at Work (Self-Released)
UNREAL THOUGHT – Meaningless Stare (Self-Released)
UNREAL THOUGHT – Ugly Creatures (Self-Released)
UNREAL THOUGHT – Done Trying (Self-Released)
UNREAL THOUGHT – Visions of Hate (Self-Released)
UNREAL THOUGHT – Amateur Comfort (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, December 27th, 2015

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Radio - Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here is the annual X-Mas show on EXD. Punk songs about Christmas and the season or associated with the season. The show is hosted by one of the most ravenous christmas song collectors in Toronto. Dave KW, Dave used to sing in Dirty BS and in Oxbaker, but Dave spends a lot of time now collecting punk rock Christmas songs which are evident from his inability to put together different material every year. This includes the new Battalion of Saints, new MDC, and new Angry Snowmans material. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

PECKINPAH - Punk Rock Xmas (Self-Released)

THE EVAPORATORS - Who Are You? (Mint)
THE ESCHATONES - Last Xmas (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Christmas Spirit's Dying (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Oh Santa Claus (Self-Released)
the BCASA - Merry Christmas Darth Vader (Self-Released)
the BCASA - Reptoid Humanoid Christmas (Self-Released)

APATHETIC YOUTH - Grinch (Noise Annoys! Records)
THEY MIGHT BE FASCISTS - Merry Anarchistmas (Music She Blogged)
POSER DISPOSER - Satan's Lonely Christmas Morning (Messy Life Records)
SCUMFACE - Christmas in the Face (self-released)
DRUNKEN ORGY OF DESTRUCTION - Aaron Won $200 at Bingo When He Was 9 and His Mom Bought His Christmas Presents with it (Agitate 96)

ARTHUR'S DILEMMA - Kristmas Karol (Curious Union Of Natural Twits)
STUDENT TEACHERS - Christmas Weather (Ork Records)
VOLXSTURM - Spuren im Schnee (Contra)
THE PUNK GROUP - On Xmas Day (Reload)
CHARTA 77 - Svart Jul (Birdskit)

MAJORETTES - It's Gonna Be a Punk Rock Christmas (Cleopatra)
B-LINES - I'm Watching TV on Christmas Day (Hockey Dad)
THE SPORES - Christmas Jeers (Garbanzo Bean)
BATTALION OF SAINTS - Jingle Bells (Cleopatra)
THE WIND-UP BIRDS - Working Christmas Day (Self-Released)

PANTYCHRIST - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Cleopatra)
CAMALEONES - Noche De Paz, Noche En Vietnam (DRO)
BLOODSPORT - Ghosts of Scrooge (Homestead)
45 GRAVE - Snow Miser (Cleopatra)
SINIESTRO TOTAL - Afunfun, Afanfan (DRO)
NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA - Joulurauha (Maaemo Levyt)

This is a set of all Japanese bands 
THE CRAP - Fuckin' Drunk Reindeer (Pogo 77)
SAMURAI - Dirty X'mas (Inundow)
THE DICK SPIKIE - X'mas Song Of The Dick Spikie (Straight Up)
THE INJECTIONS - Who Kill Santa?! (Injections Records)
TOM AND BOOT BOYS - Santa Claus Is Comming To Town (Pogo 77)

MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS - Merry Fuckin' X-Mas -Electric (Campary Records, Pogo!, Tupatutupa, Filferro Records, Guerilla Vinyl)
ETXANDO MIERDA - La Navidad (Self-Released)
RESTRAINT - I Shot Santa (independent)

THE PORK DUKES - My Mother Gave Me A Gun for Xmas (Vinyl Japan)
BIG BROTHER - Eco-Crisis (All I want for Christmas is the End of the World) (Not On Label)

JOEY RAMONE - What A Wonderful World (Sanctuary)

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Uncle Ray studio 3 session

Uncle Ray are a power violence band from Windsor. They used to run a punk house which did all the all ages shows a couple of years back. The band features Alexa on vocals, Steve on guitar, Sean on bass and Phil on drums. They have toured out east and have a couple of releases on their bandcamp page so they have done quite a few things in the past few years. We recorded the following songs at the session with Ian Wilkinson:

1. November
2. Root
3. Liar
4. Delusion
5. Webs
6. Dark Mind
7. Tough Guy
8. Perennial

9. Disfigured
10. Strong Arms
11. Strong Arms
12. November
13. Root
14. Liar
15. November
16. Root
17. Liar
18. Delusion
19. Delusion
20. Dark Mind
21. Tough Mind
22. Tough Mind
23. Tough Mind
24. Perennial
25. Perennial
26. Disfigured
27. Disfigured
28. Perennial
29. Perennial
30. Perennial
32. EXD ID
33. EXD ID
34. Interview

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Radio - Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Tonight's show started out with a session recorded a few weeks back with the reunited Secrets. Gary Topp brought the Secrets back for a one off show back in November and we recorded a couple of songs with the group without Freddy Pompeii as he was very sick. But we did interview Freddy which will be aired in the new year. However we did speak with John Hamilton (Keyboards), Chris Haight (Guitarist), Bryant (Bassist), and Cleave Anderson (Drums). We covered all kinds of details about the Secrets starting out with their roots in Zoom, the Viletones, the Diodes and some other bits and pieces. You can hear the interview in the player above or download the show as an MP3 file here

THE SECRETS - Schoolgirl Hitchiker (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM - Sweet Desperation (Ugly Pop)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Zoom (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Suzie Peroxide (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – All the Girls (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Teenage Rampage (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS - I'll Cry Tomorrow (CIUT)
ENGLAND`S GLORY - Shattered Illusions (Hozac)
HOT NASTIES – Get away from me (Self Released)
THE SUBTRACTIONS - Social Rules (Hozac)
THE EDGE - Death to AOR

Here is my top 10 for December 2015 in reverse order. 

10. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Ultimate Wound Kit (Toxic State)
9. DON GATTO - No Turning Back
8. LATEX - Losing Game (World Gone Mad / Sensual World)
7. BEYOND PINK – Det Har ar Punk (Emancypunx)
6. BOIDS – Don’t Need your TV
5. ANTI-CORPUS - Forma Practica de Luta ep - Abuso- Um fenômeno Patriarcha
4. DISGUSTI - Into The Long Night
3. FAST ASLEEP - Outside the Fence (Deep Six)
2. ANCIENT FILTH - Torture in the USA (Self-Released)
1. G.L.O.S.S. - Masculine Artifice

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Singapore that ranked in Robert of Conquest for Death’s Top 10 in this month’s MRR. You can download the demo from https://mildshag.bandcamp.com/releases

MILD SHAG – Rat Race (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Ain’t No Such Thing (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Son of a Copper (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Birdbrain (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Born Dead (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Fight On (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, December 13th, 2015

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Radio - Sunday December 6th, 2015

SHEXD Volume 7 was in full effect featuring programmer/hosts from left to right Lydia, Märji, Chlöe, Sardé, Zöe, and Nuria. You can download the show here

VANILLA POPPERS – Pleasure Rush (Blowblood)

CHROMA – El Poder (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – Friendly Boy (Self-Released)
PARANOID – Bouryoku (Rapunk and D-Takt)

THE CURE – I want to be old (Early Demo)
NEGATIVE RAGE – Fear II (Self-Released)
FIREWALKER – Nothing Left (Failure Recordings)
THE LOWEST FORM – Comin’ Down Ruff (Iron Lung)

Lydia of MRR and Nuria of Frau join the show.

MUERTE - Falsedad (SPHC)
KREMLIN - Anti-Septic (Hardware)
CONDITION – Indictment
S.H.I. – Green Horse (Crust War)

ABSOLUT – Wage of Fear (Beach Impediment)
OAF – Cheat II (Deranged)
LATEX – Losing Game (World Gone Mad)

Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
STRETCH MARKS – Old Man Understand (Psyche Industries)
Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
THE NOSTRILS – I’m Vile (Punk History Canada)
Interview with Kathryn Martin , filmmaker for Piss on You
PERSONALITY CRISIS – Twilight’s Last Gleaming (Risky)

To order a copy of "Piss On You" please contact the filmmaker Kathryn Martin directly at Kmartin2@shaw.ca.

X-RAY SPEX - I Live Off You (EMI)
CRASS – Do They Owe Us a Living (CRASS)
CIANURO – Uno (Self-Released)
DISCHARGE – The Nightmare Continues (Clay)

ALTERNATIVE TV - Life (Deptford Fun City)
WIRE – Outdoor Miner (Emotional Response)
RATA NEGRA – Corasones (Self-Released)
ANTI-VIBES – Monotomy (Self-Released)

PANDIMIA – Divine Tragedy (Maximumrocknroll)

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MRR - Interview with Zoe

Here is an interview with Zoe, the singer from the Bayonettes, on her day job working on Harm Reduction from a street health perspective which sees lots of lessons of the DIY ethos applied to this unique form of activism. The interview appears in the December issue of MRR.