Sunday, December 20, 2015

Radio - Sunday, December 20, 2015

Here is the annual X-Mas show on EXD. Punk songs about Christmas and the season or associated with the season. The show is hosted by one of the most ravenous christmas song collectors in Toronto. Dave KW, Dave used to sing in Dirty BS and in Oxbaker, but Dave spends a lot of time now collecting punk rock Christmas songs which are evident from his inability to put together different material every year. This includes the new Battalion of Saints, new MDC, and new Angry Snowmans material. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

PECKINPAH - Punk Rock Xmas (Self-Released)

THE EVAPORATORS - Who Are You? (Mint)
THE ESCHATONES - Last Xmas (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Christmas Spirit's Dying (Self-Released)
ANGRY SNOWMANS - Oh Santa Claus (Self-Released)
the BCASA - Merry Christmas Darth Vader (Self-Released)
the BCASA - Reptoid Humanoid Christmas (Self-Released)

APATHETIC YOUTH - Grinch (Noise Annoys! Records)
THEY MIGHT BE FASCISTS - Merry Anarchistmas (Music She Blogged)
POSER DISPOSER - Satan's Lonely Christmas Morning (Messy Life Records)
SCUMFACE - Christmas in the Face (self-released)
DRUNKEN ORGY OF DESTRUCTION - Aaron Won $200 at Bingo When He Was 9 and His Mom Bought His Christmas Presents with it (Agitate 96)

ARTHUR'S DILEMMA - Kristmas Karol (Curious Union Of Natural Twits)
STUDENT TEACHERS - Christmas Weather (Ork Records)
VOLXSTURM - Spuren im Schnee (Contra)
THE PUNK GROUP - On Xmas Day (Reload)
CHARTA 77 - Svart Jul (Birdskit)

MAJORETTES - It's Gonna Be a Punk Rock Christmas (Cleopatra)
B-LINES - I'm Watching TV on Christmas Day (Hockey Dad)
THE SPORES - Christmas Jeers (Garbanzo Bean)
BATTALION OF SAINTS - Jingle Bells (Cleopatra)
THE WIND-UP BIRDS - Working Christmas Day (Self-Released)

PANTYCHRIST - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Cleopatra)
CAMALEONES - Noche De Paz, Noche En Vietnam (DRO)
BLOODSPORT - Ghosts of Scrooge (Homestead)
45 GRAVE - Snow Miser (Cleopatra)
SINIESTRO TOTAL - Afunfun, Afanfan (DRO)
NOLLA NOLLA NOLLA - Joulurauha (Maaemo Levyt)

This is a set of all Japanese bands 
THE CRAP - Fuckin' Drunk Reindeer (Pogo 77)
SAMURAI - Dirty X'mas (Inundow)
THE DICK SPIKIE - X'mas Song Of The Dick Spikie (Straight Up)
THE INJECTIONS - Who Kill Santa?! (Injections Records)
TOM AND BOOT BOYS - Santa Claus Is Comming To Town (Pogo 77)

MILLIONS OF DEAD COPS - Merry Fuckin' X-Mas -Electric (Campary Records, Pogo!, Tupatutupa, Filferro Records, Guerilla Vinyl)
ETXANDO MIERDA - La Navidad (Self-Released)
RESTRAINT - I Shot Santa (independent)

THE PORK DUKES - My Mother Gave Me A Gun for Xmas (Vinyl Japan)
BIG BROTHER - Eco-Crisis (All I want for Christmas is the End of the World) (Not On Label)

JOEY RAMONE - What A Wonderful World (Sanctuary)

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