Sunday, December 13, 2015

Radio - Sunday, December 13th, 2015

Tonight's show started out with a session recorded a few weeks back with the reunited Secrets. Gary Topp brought the Secrets back for a one off show back in November and we recorded a couple of songs with the group without Freddy Pompeii as he was very sick. But we did interview Freddy which will be aired in the new year. However we did speak with John Hamilton (Keyboards), Chris Haight (Guitarist), Bryant (Bassist), and Cleave Anderson (Drums). We covered all kinds of details about the Secrets starting out with their roots in Zoom, the Viletones, the Diodes and some other bits and pieces. You can hear the interview in the player above or download the show as an MP3 file here

THE SECRETS - Schoolgirl Hitchiker (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
ZOOM - Sweet Desperation (Ugly Pop)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Zoom (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Suzie Peroxide (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – All the Girls (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS – Teenage Rampage (Bomb)
THE SECRETS – Interview (CIUT)
THE SECRETS - I'll Cry Tomorrow (CIUT)
ENGLAND`S GLORY - Shattered Illusions (Hozac)
HOT NASTIES – Get away from me (Self Released)
THE SUBTRACTIONS - Social Rules (Hozac)
THE EDGE - Death to AOR

Here is my top 10 for December 2015 in reverse order. 

10. L.O.T.I.O.N. - Ultimate Wound Kit (Toxic State)
9. DON GATTO - No Turning Back
8. LATEX - Losing Game (World Gone Mad / Sensual World)
7. BEYOND PINK – Det Har ar Punk (Emancypunx)
6. BOIDS – Don’t Need your TV
5. ANTI-CORPUS - Forma Practica de Luta ep - Abuso- Um fenômeno Patriarcha
4. DISGUSTI - Into The Long Night
3. FAST ASLEEP - Outside the Fence (Deep Six)
2. ANCIENT FILTH - Torture in the USA (Self-Released)
1. G.L.O.S.S. - Masculine Artifice

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from Singapore that ranked in Robert of Conquest for Death’s Top 10 in this month’s MRR. You can download the demo from

MILD SHAG – Rat Race (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Ain’t No Such Thing (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Son of a Copper (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Birdbrain (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Born Dead (Self-Released)
MILD SHAG – Fight On (Self-Released)

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