Thursday, June 24, 1982

Wednesday, June 16, 1982

No Means No "Mama" LP

This was the first full length by No Means No. "Mama" was self-released and then later in 1993 re-issued on Wrong Records with the songs from "Fear Betrayal Anger Hatred". The songs found on here are:

1. Living is Free
2. My Roommate is Turning Into a Monster
3. Red Devil
4. Mama's Little Boy
5. We Are the Chopped
6. No Sex
7. Rich Guns
8. No Rest for the Wicked
9. Living In Detente

Flyer - Wednesday June 16, 1982

I understand that this was the first time that Black Flag played in Toronto. From the archives of James Zero.

Friday, June 4, 1982

Wednesday, June 2, 1982

Platinum Blonde "Hey Hey You / No Regrets" ep

When I first heard Platinum Blonde they were getting lots of airplay for "Standing in the Dark". It was awful and I found it hard to believe that the band had punk roots. People used to compare them to the Police, but they had no reggae back beat. It was bad synth rock. I can still hear it now being played in warehouses on AM radio with Lionel Ritchie and the Def Leppard. It was all pretty laughable. People playing up to dress up new wave. And there was a girl on my street who had a cousin who played in this band. I met him but he didn't know the first thing about punk. This single is a re-issue. The cover is different for the bootleg, but the songs came out in 1982 or prior to their 1983 signing to Columbia. Mark Holmes, the singer and guitarist for the band who remained the constant in the band's line up runs the Mod Club in Little Italy. These two songs ae much better than any of the other dribble the band produced. I do wish there was more information about whether there is other songs recorded and where they recorded, but the band mostly remains an enigma to me.  Music Ruined My Life has more information about this release. There is some added information at Punk Rock Business Manager.