Sunday, May 27, 2018

Radio - Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Here is tonight's show with a Top 10 for May and a demo feature for Wax. You can download the show here.

ZEX - Too Late (No Front Teeth)

HAKAN - Hakan Baby (Drunken Sailor / One Chord Wonder
RIVERSIDE RIOT - Bombs (Self-Released
THE SAFETY PINS - White Scum Rising (Empty)
BASH BROTHERS - Life Lessons (Thousand Islands / Less Talk More
ASPOTOLOI - I'm Sick (Self-Released)

THE NAZIS FROM MARS – Pussy Catty Cat (Astral Anarchy)
LIPSTICK PICKUPS – Black Cherry Soda Pop (Radio Beat)
MO-DETTES – White Mice (Cherry Red)
JOSIE COTTON – Let’s do the Blackout (WEA)
CHERRY VANILLA – The Punk (RCA Victor)

THE CLASH – Garageland
CHARGE 69 - Propaganda (Combat Rock)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Iron Chin (Strength
VARUKERS - Less is More (Self-Released)
EUK7 - La Lluvia y el Sol

PERSONALITY CRISIS – Piss on You (Sounds Escaping)
FREAK GENES – He’s Unhappy (Girlsville)
NOMOS751 – The Last Time (Slovenly)
GLITZ – Halfway House (Grazer / Burger)
THE MONKS – Love in Stereo (EMI)

Top 10 - May 2018
10. ROLEX – Robot (Self-Released)
9. AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - I'm Not a Loser (Self-Released)
8. SINISTER PURPOSE - Tongues (Self-Released)
7. PASTAWAYS - Basket Life (Self-Released)
6. JAD - Samiec Beta (Self-Released)
5. NORMS - Hülye Hardcore (Self-Released)
4. SILENT ERA - Rolling Blackouts  (Last Hour / Sabotage)
3. ARTIFICAL DISSEMINATION - I Don't Wanna Sing (Seminal)
2. FAIM – Adverse (Self-Released)
1. FAITHLESS - Error of the Soundbyte (Brain Abuse)

LOOSE NUKES – MK Ultra (Self-Released)
MALDITA - Captiva (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is Wax from Halifax and their demo titled "Out of Line". We learned about Wax through Outcry. You can listen to this demo on bandcamp.

WAX – Property Management (Self-Released)
WAX – Out of Line (Self-Released)
WAX – In the Bathroom (Self-Released)
WAX – Phoney (Self-Released)
WAX – Guilty Residence (Self-Released)

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Radio - Sunday, May 20th, 2018

This being the Victoria Day weekend, the first long weekend of the spring it feels like the rich people leave the city for the weekend and the city is so much more chill so when I came across this old Italian skinhead reggae song on a new release I had to start the show with it. You can download the show here.

GUERRIGLIA URBANA - United Kids (Anfibio)

THE UNDERTONES - Smarter Than U (Good Vibrations)
PROTEX - I Can't Cope (Polydor)
BLANK STARES - Lonesome Nights (Self-Released)
BIG BROTHER - Point of No Return (Self-Released)
KLAZO - The Race (It’s Trash)

HET WARD - Fence Sitter (Self-Released)
COLD MEAT – High Maintenance (Helta Skelta / Lost in Fog)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Blowjobs (Homeless)
GAY BLACK REPUBLICAN - For a Fucking Four (Self-Released

THE FLESH EATERS - Police Gun Jitters (Upsetter)
THE SAWED OFFS – I Don’t Care (Self-Released
CAT AND THE UNDERDOGS - The Cops are Coming (Kite Recordings)
BLACK FLAG – Nervous Breakdown (SST)
SCHOOL JERKS – Wicked World (Bad Vibrations)

DESTRUKTIONS - SS Man (Hohnie / Zerga / Hardcore Holocaust)
SS-BLOCK – Bring Back Shit (Self-Released
HAIBOKU – Muerte En Chambakú (Self-Released
DISCLOSE - Armed Revolution (Overthrow) 
KLIMAX – Moscow (Rock-O-Rama)

GOOLAGOON - Home Sweet Pineapple (Dead Heroes)
HEAT - The Beast (Deranged)
STRAIGHT AHEAD - Straight Ahead (I Risk)
WALL BREAKER - Slow Burn Slow Death (Refuse)
POWERBOMB - Have a Nice Day (Self-Released)
LEFT FOR DEAD - Road Rash (Murder Contest)

TURBONEGRO – Part II: Well Hello (Scandinavian Leather / Burger)
DESCENDENTS - Who We Are (Epitaph)
THE DWARVES - City By the Bay (Burger / Greedy)
DIRTY BROTHERS – Edaten (Tough Ain’t Enough / Spirit of the Streets / No Turning Back)
LOVE CANAL – No One to Blame (Hostage
THE PEOPLE’S PUNK BAND – Mouthfull (Self-Released)
SNFU – Broken Toy (BYO)

BAD ASS - Throw Up Your Hair (Self-Released)
THE FREEZE - We're Not the Abnormal Ones (Modern Method)
THE DEAD MILKMEN – Nutrition (Enigma / Restless)
ACME SEWAGE CO. - Casino Island (Only Fit for the Bin)
CHELSEA – Just Like Me (Westworld Recordings
SEX PISTOLS – God Save the Queen (Music Brokers)
THE PROFESSIONALS – Let Go (Automaton)
THE ADICTS - And It Was So (Punk Empire / Nuclear Blast)

Tonight’s demo feature is by a band from Victoria called Disphoria. They have a couple of recordings together and this one is called “Killed by Noise Attack” and the title is appropriate. It’s on the noisey side of Disorder type of hardcore. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

DISPHORIA – M2 Browning .50 Cal (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Life is Confusion (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Just Another Tranny (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Creation and Destroy (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Visions of Deadly Future (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Flyer - Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Radio - Sunday, May 13th, 2018

On tonight's show, we featured an interview with DJ Nora Noise from Italy. She has translated books on The Cramps, Harley Flanagan of the Cro-Mags, Suicide and the the New York scene into Italian. She also played two sets of Italian bands. Next up we had an interview and session with Toronto's Haxan, who melted our eardrums with their own brand of heavy occult grunge. We finished with a couple of tracks from Montreal's NOBRO, who were in town for CMW. You can download the show here.

BOOJI BOYS - Oh Yeah (Drunken Sailor)

Italian 80s HC set

CRASH BOX - Sangue (Crash)
NEGAZIONE - Straight and Rebel (Mordam/Konkurrel)
NEROGAZMO - Passione Nera (F.O.A.D.)
RAW POWER - State Oppression (Toxic Shock)
BOOHOOS - My H.E.L. (Electric Eye)

Recent Italian punk rock set

BLOOD '77 - Jagerbomber (Area Pirata/Lamette)
SICK ROSE - Before You Go
GIUDA - Rock'n'Roll Music

Next up was our interview and recording session with Haxan (

HAXAN - Burn the Witch
HAXAN - Spectre/High Tension Wire
HAXAN - Predator to Prey
HAXAN - Torn to Shreds
HAXAN - Enough is Enough
HAXAN - Big Kill

And we finished up with two songs by NOBRO

NOBRO - Backslide (Braingum)
NOBRO - Paranoid (Braingum)

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Flyer - Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Nick Smash, author of Alone and Gone, publisher of Smash It Up, and played in the Rent Boys Inc will be giving a talk on Toronto's post-punk scene. The talk is part of a series hosted by Wavelength

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Radio - Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Here is last night's show. You can download it here.


LOOSE NUKES - Dear Sirs (Self-Released)
POBREZA MENTAL – Are You Ineffective (Self-Released)
WALL BREAKER - Wall Breaker (Refuse)
ZODD - Mutant Stalker (Pissed Off)
S.H.I.T. – Information (La Vida Es Un Mus)

The earthquakes on Big Island have been in the media as the latest environmental disaster story. Leading to 15 fissures and the release of lava destroying hectares  of land had me program a set of songs about places like Hawaii and bands from Hawaii, although not from this island in particular. 

SEX PRISONER - Tropical Island (Straight and Alert / Deep Six / To Live a Lie / Regurgitated Semen)
CRINGER - A Song About Hawaii (Vinyl Communications)
TV MICROWAVE - Simple Adjustment (Self-Released)
BEAMAN - Learn The Hardaway (Who Got That Good D-!) (Self-Released)
RATS – Rats (Self-Released)

EXOTICA - Mundo Nuevo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
SYSTEMIK VIOLENCE - Rotina Assassina (Raw ‘N Roll Rex)
DISGRACEFUL - Mental Cases (Favela)
LANGUID – Mob Neurosis (Self-Released)
SCUMRAID – 통제사회 (Iron Lung)

The Saint John River has been high and flooding communities along its banks, so we pulled together a set of bands from the effected area, New Brunswick

NERVE BUTTON – Baltic Bop (NIM / Bald Punk Music)
WARSICK – Human Filth (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER – Shipwrecked (No List)
GUILT PARADE - Opperheimer's Legacy (Self-Released)
NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH - Time to Care (Self-Released)
NEXT OF KIN – Trendoids (Self-Released)

This next set features bands that have ska in their sound.

SKALAPPER - Step to You
THE SPARTANICS - Save your Streets (Self-Released)
ARTIGO XIII - Guerra Urbana (Collector’s Series / Efeito Colateral)
RESTARTS – Painterman (Self-Released)
KLASSE KRIMINALE – 1983 (Randale)

Mad Vlad is about to be inaugurated for a fourth term as Russia's President and there seems to be a lot of indifference around his latest term. Here are some bands from Russia. 

RIPPED MOUTH - В Поле Зрения (Street Rock Music)
BIG BOSS - Here to Stay (Self-Released)
YOUR MIND'S COLLAPSE - Забудь - Forget (Self-Released)
VESNA NARODOV - Столица - The Capital (Self-Released)
SOCKS FOR COCKS - Whew! Curfew! (Self-Released)

THE CRUCIFUCKS - Hinckley Had a Vision (Alternative Tentacles)
BUNDOLO – Maailmanpilaaja (Self-Released)
OWNER – Depraved (Nervous Energy)
CEMENT SHOES - Zang! (Self-Released)
KATATONIX - Love and Violence (Self-Released)
CONMAN – Tracking (Self-Released)

LOUD NIGHT - Take Sides (War Fever)
INEPSY - Death or Slavery (Feral Ward)
MAKE NO GAINS - Death Knell (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Mental Problem (Phobia  / PND)
PEDESTRIAN – Pedestrian (Self-Released)

TASHME - Charade (Self-Released)
SIYAHKAL - Beshin Paasho (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Hide in Shame (Larry Toni Produzioni)
VALLEY BOYS - Down the Hole (Ugly Pop)
CAREER SUICIDE - Row on Row (Deranged)

Tonight's demo feature is by a band from Vancouver with two new recordings out since this demo in March of last year. You can download the demo from bandcamp.

CORNER BOYS – Someone’s Chasing Me (Self-Released)
CORNER BOYS – Remote Control Freak (Self-Released)
CORNER BOYS – Joke of the Neighbourhood (Self-Released)