Sunday, May 20, 2018

Radio - Sunday, May 20th, 2018

This being the Victoria Day weekend, the first long weekend of the spring it feels like the rich people leave the city for the weekend and the city is so much more chill so when I came across this old Italian skinhead reggae song on a new release I had to start the show with it. You can download the show here.

GUERRIGLIA URBANA - United Kids (Anfibio)

THE UNDERTONES - Smarter Than U (Good Vibrations)
PROTEX - I Can't Cope (Polydor)
BLANK STARES - Lonesome Nights (Self-Released)
BIG BROTHER - Point of No Return (Self-Released)
KLAZO - The Race (It’s Trash)

HET WARD - Fence Sitter (Self-Released)
COLD MEAT – High Maintenance (Helta Skelta / Lost in Fog)
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS – Blowjobs (Homeless)
GAY BLACK REPUBLICAN - For a Fucking Four (Self-Released

THE FLESH EATERS - Police Gun Jitters (Upsetter)
THE SAWED OFFS – I Don’t Care (Self-Released
CAT AND THE UNDERDOGS - The Cops are Coming (Kite Recordings)
BLACK FLAG – Nervous Breakdown (SST)
SCHOOL JERKS – Wicked World (Bad Vibrations)

DESTRUKTIONS - SS Man (Hohnie / Zerga / Hardcore Holocaust)
SS-BLOCK – Bring Back Shit (Self-Released
HAIBOKU – Muerte En Chambak├║ (Self-Released
DISCLOSE - Armed Revolution (Overthrow) 
KLIMAX – Moscow (Rock-O-Rama)

GOOLAGOON - Home Sweet Pineapple (Dead Heroes)
HEAT - The Beast (Deranged)
STRAIGHT AHEAD - Straight Ahead (I Risk)
WALL BREAKER - Slow Burn Slow Death (Refuse)
POWERBOMB - Have a Nice Day (Self-Released)
LEFT FOR DEAD - Road Rash (Murder Contest)

TURBONEGRO – Part II: Well Hello (Scandinavian Leather / Burger)
DESCENDENTS - Who We Are (Epitaph)
THE DWARVES - City By the Bay (Burger / Greedy)
DIRTY BROTHERS – Edaten (Tough Ain’t Enough / Spirit of the Streets / No Turning Back)
LOVE CANAL – No One to Blame (Hostage
THE PEOPLE’S PUNK BAND – Mouthfull (Self-Released)
SNFU – Broken Toy (BYO)

BAD ASS - Throw Up Your Hair (Self-Released)
THE FREEZE - We're Not the Abnormal Ones (Modern Method)
THE DEAD MILKMEN – Nutrition (Enigma / Restless)
ACME SEWAGE CO. - Casino Island (Only Fit for the Bin)
CHELSEA – Just Like Me (Westworld Recordings
SEX PISTOLS – God Save the Queen (Music Brokers)
THE PROFESSIONALS – Let Go (Automaton)
THE ADICTS - And It Was So (Punk Empire / Nuclear Blast)

Tonight’s demo feature is by a band from Victoria called Disphoria. They have a couple of recordings together and this one is called “Killed by Noise Attack” and the title is appropriate. It’s on the noisey side of Disorder type of hardcore. You can find the demo on bandcamp.

DISPHORIA – M2 Browning .50 Cal (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Life is Confusion (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Just Another Tranny (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Creation and Destroy (Self-Released)
DISPHORIA – Visions of Deadly Future (Self-Released)

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