Sunday, May 27, 2018

Radio - Sunday, May 27th, 2018

Here is tonight's show with a Top 10 for May and a demo feature for Wax. You can download the show here.

ZEX - Too Late (No Front Teeth)

HAKAN - Hakan Baby (Drunken Sailor / One Chord Wonder
RIVERSIDE RIOT - Bombs (Self-Released
THE SAFETY PINS - White Scum Rising (Empty)
BASH BROTHERS - Life Lessons (Thousand Islands / Less Talk More
ASPOTOLOI - I'm Sick (Self-Released)

THE NAZIS FROM MARS – Pussy Catty Cat (Astral Anarchy)
LIPSTICK PICKUPS – Black Cherry Soda Pop (Radio Beat)
MO-DETTES – White Mice (Cherry Red)
JOSIE COTTON – Let’s do the Blackout (WEA)
CHERRY VANILLA – The Punk (RCA Victor)

THE CLASH – Garageland
CHARGE 69 - Propaganda (Combat Rock)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Iron Chin (Strength
VARUKERS - Less is More (Self-Released)
EUK7 - La Lluvia y el Sol

PERSONALITY CRISIS – Piss on You (Sounds Escaping)
FREAK GENES – He’s Unhappy (Girlsville)
NOMOS751 – The Last Time (Slovenly)
GLITZ – Halfway House (Grazer / Burger)
THE MONKS – Love in Stereo (EMI)

Top 10 - May 2018
10. ROLEX – Robot (Self-Released)
9. AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS - I'm Not a Loser (Self-Released)
8. SINISTER PURPOSE - Tongues (Self-Released)
7. PASTAWAYS - Basket Life (Self-Released)
6. JAD - Samiec Beta (Self-Released)
5. NORMS - Hülye Hardcore (Self-Released)
4. SILENT ERA - Rolling Blackouts  (Last Hour / Sabotage)
3. ARTIFICAL DISSEMINATION - I Don't Wanna Sing (Seminal)
2. FAIM – Adverse (Self-Released)
1. FAITHLESS - Error of the Soundbyte (Brain Abuse)

LOOSE NUKES – MK Ultra (Self-Released)
MALDITA - Captiva (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is Wax from Halifax and their demo titled "Out of Line". We learned about Wax through Outcry. You can listen to this demo on bandcamp.

WAX – Property Management (Self-Released)
WAX – Out of Line (Self-Released)
WAX – In the Bathroom (Self-Released)
WAX – Phoney (Self-Released)
WAX – Guilty Residence (Self-Released)

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