Sunday, July 31, 2005

Top 10 - July 2005

Top 10 - July 2005

1. THE SHINING ep (Underground Punk Support)
2. CAREER SUICIDE "Invisible Eyes" 12" (Feral Ward)
3. GORILLA ANGREB ep (Feral Ward)
4. UPSTAB "Somebody Throw a Gallon Jog of THunderbird at Me" ep (Even Worse)
5. IRRITATORS - Paging Dr. Armstrong (Self-Released)
6. KNUGEN FALLER - Inte Som Ni (Wasted Sounds)
7. GRITOS DE ALERTA - ei Sorta Foi Lancada (Underground Punk Support)
8. KAUNIIT POLIISIT "Lekalla Päähän" ep (Stay Free Underground)
9. BRUTAL KNIGHTS "Not Fun" ep (Deranged)
10. PEDESTRIANS ep (Southkore)

Label Info:
* EVEN WORSE - Noel de Boer / Van Ostadestr 93 / F1072SR, Amsterdam / the Netherlands /

Monday, July 25, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 24, 2005

DECONDITIONED - Higher Law (B. E. Records)

LAUKAUS - Poistukaa (MCR Co.)
MAJOR CONFLICT - War on the City Streets (Mad at the World)
BUZZCOCKS - Mad Mad Judy (I.R.S.)
THE SHOCKS - Immigration Detention (Hohnie)
THE BAD AMPS - Lovers Town Revisited (Black Market)
REGULATIONS - No More Hell (Havoc)
KRUW - Title unknown (MCR Co.)

EPILEPTIC TERROR ATTACK - Otto Hates the Police (Deranged)
JUGGLING JUGGLERS - Survival of the Fittest (Trujaca Fala)
ISKRA - Prisoners of Conscience (Profane Existence)
DRUNKEN BOAT - Bent Outta Shape (Self-Released)
FUCK ON THE BEACH - She Used to Cry For It (Slap-A-Ham)

WEIRDOS - Destroy All Music (Bomp)
THE DREAM DATES - The Mess You're In (Ugly Pop)
NERVOUS PATTERNS - Beautiful Brutal (Zaxxon Virile Action)
TRIGGERS - Gasoline (Vinyl Warning)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Not Fun (Deranged)
DR. SPECS OPTICAL ILLUSION - She's the One (Crypt)
ELECTRIC EYE - Muscle (Vinyl Warning)

DIRECT ACTION - 19AD4 (Bitzcore)
HOCKEY TEETH - Final Shock (Homework)
UNWANTED - Gotta Get Out (BYO)
SLAUGHTER - The Curse (Diabolical Force)
VILETONES - Don't You Lie (Razor)

Studio 3 Session
DECONDITIONED - Summertime Blues (CIUT)
DECONDITIONED - Double Standard (CIUT)
DECONDITIONED - None of the Above (CIUT)
DECONDITIONED - Violent Reversed (CIUT)
DECONDITIONED - Catholic School (CIUT)
DECONDITIONED - Pull Your Dreads Out of the Clouds (CIUT)

DECONDITIONED - Taxes at Play (B. E. Records)
DECONDITIONED - Pull Your Dreads Out of the Clouds (B. E. Records)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gunnar Hansen "Village Idiot" ep

Gunnar Hansen were an awesome band from Hamilton. They only released this one EP. They were very inspired by 9 Shocks Terror. Brain, the bass player released the EP on his own label Audio Fellatio Records that would go on and release the Black Donnellys material. The songs on here are:

1. Fuck Your Feelings
2. Rats
3. You're Alone
4. Nothing

Monday, July 18, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 17, 2005

THE BAD AMPS - Black Market Love (Black Market)

BLACK SS - Who Needs You (Punks Before Profit$)

OUT COLD - Vibrate (Kangaroo)
DIRECT CONTROL - Ronnie's Dead (Kangaroo)
JFA - Cokes & Snickers (Alternative Tentacles)
BLUE BALLS My Rules (Dingus)

SUBHUMANS - Life Can Sure Suck (Self-Released)
ZOE - New World (MCR Company)
AGROTOXICO - The People Versus the State (Hohnie)

BURIAL - Concrete Delusion (Deranged)
FRAMTID - Anguish (MCR Company)

RESIST AND EXIST - Poem / Vultures (Spiral)

REAGAN SS - Karma (Coalition)
RIOT 99 - Destroy the City (Self-Released)
GAUZE - Lowcharge (Prank)
GARMONBOZA - Breaking the Silence (Profane Existence)

NEGATIVE APPROACH - I'll Survive (Reptilian)
CRO MAGS - Show You No Mercy (GWR)
DISCHARGE - War's No Fairytale (Clay)
DIRECT ACTION - Tomorrow's Too Late (Irate Faction)
HERESY - Release (Ear Ache)
THE STATE - No Illusions (Havoc)

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Thoughtless (Self-Released)
KRIGSHOT - Och-Hotet Kvarstor (Sound Pollution)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Kneel Down (Self-Released)
G-ANX - Out of Reach (Sound Pollution)
LACK OF INTEREST - Never Let Down (Deep Six)

EXPLODING HEARTS - Forget About Me (Bootleg)

REALLY 3RDS - Everyday, Everyway (Bootleg)
THE THOUGHT CRIMINALS - Hilton Bomber (Incognito)
THE LETTERS - Nobody Loves Me (1977)
RATSIA - Ruumis Ja Sielu (Johanna)

URBAN BLIGHT - Breakout (Feelin' It)
LIGHTS OUT - Unbalanced (Youngblood)
CARRY ON - Problem Solved (Youngblood)
7 SECONDS - Colourblind (BYO)
HANDS DOWN - The Otherside (Self-Released)
BURDEN - Fade Away (Badman)

GHOST MICE - Alas Babylon (Plan-It X)
SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD - You're too Young for the Living Dead (Plan-It X)
THE BANANAS - Blood on My Bananas (Plan-It X)
THIS BIKE IS A PIPEBOMB - Body Count (Plan-It X)
DEFIANCE OHIO - Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! (Plan-It X)

Demo Feature
THE SUBHUMANS - World at War (Self Released)
THE SUBHUMANS - Celebrity (Self Released)
THE SUBHUMANS - I Got Religion (Self Released)

DECONDITIONED - Wreck Loose (B. E Records)

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Flyer - Saturday July 16, 2005

The Bayonettes and the Terminals open up for Sinkin' Ships at Dee's.

Friday, July 15, 2005

AK47 "The Fucking Enemy" CD

This is AK 47's fourth release. This was recorded in the Winter of 2004 and is considered by the band to reflect the true manifesto of the band. Tony Goluza is the life force behind teh band and played in Nothing to Lose and Hudson Mack prior to starting the band up 8 years prior. The other mainstay in the abnd is Rob Nesbitt who played with Tony back in the Section 46 days. Jay Walls was the bass player for this band and used to play in Tough as Nails and War By Other Means. War By Other Means is a reggae outfit that Tony and Jay play in outside of AK 47. evidence of the roots rock rebel army is found in songs like "Arise Again". The drummer is Jamie Willis who used to play with Tony in Hudson Mack and prior to that was in M Blanket. The songs on here are:
1. Faded memorial
2. Nothing Left
3. Go Fuck Yourself
4. Why the Fuck Do You Think
5. It's All Got to Go
6. The Day After
7. We Should Have Known
8. Arise Again
9. Red Tide Rising
10. This is Not a Fucking Game
11. State of the Nation
12. To Serve Protect and Murder
13. We're Dying
14. Every Fucking Note
And the band has lyrics posted up for this record at

Monday, July 11, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 10, 2005

THE CLASH - Guns of Brixton (Epic)
THE STRAPS - Brixton (Captain Oi)
YOUNG LIONS - In the Fields (Yodel Gems)
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Bad Attitude (Alternative Tentacles)
BULLET TREATMENT - Traitor, Liar, Fake (Basement)

PERIOD 3 - Drinking By Myself (Self-Released)
MODERN MACHINES - Ay! Paisano (Recess)
CHINESE TELEPHONES - I Think I Can Breathe Now (Dingus)
POINTED STICKS - True Love (Sudden Death)

DMZ - Mighty 107 (Sire)
GRIM KLONE BAND - Stet (Rave Up)
THE DILS - Mr. Big (Dionysus)
THE SUBHUMANS - Urban Guerilla (Sudden Death)
THE BUREACRATS - Feel the Pain (1977)

BEHIND ENEMY LINES - Murder at the G8 Summit (Profane Existence)
MASSGRAVE - Walls of Division (Northcore)
WAR OF DESTRUCTION - Systemer (Grand Theft Audio)
DISCLOSE - Apocalypse of Death (Regurgitated Semen)
THE FARTZ - State Control (Alternative Tentacles)

THE VARUKERS - Led to the Slaughter (Get Back)
BATTALION OF SAINTS - Animal in Man (Nitrons)
APPENDIX - Ei Raha do Munvaluuttaa (Hohnie)
TOXIC REASONS - Drunk & Disorderly (Bitzcore)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Phiosophy (Fringe)
JERRY'S KIDS - Build Me a Bomb (X-Claim!)
CIRCLE JERKS - Question Authority (Frontier)

I OBJECT - Your Destruction (Punx Before Profit$)
ROUSE - Here to Stay (Shortfuse)
SBV - Oblivious George (Parts Unknown)
UNIFORM APPROACH - My Scene (Shortfuse)
ANTHEM EIGHTY EIGHT - Norris Theory (No Idea)
DIE! - DIE! Anthem / I Hope You Die (Western Front)
NATIONS ON FIRE - The Nice Song (Strive)

SECRET SEVEN - Tolerate No More (Thrash Steady Syndicate)
QUILL - Diet Pork (You Study)
CHARM - unknown title (625 Productions)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO - Roskaa (Tuska & Ahdistus)
I DON'T CARE - What Are You doing ? (625 Productions)
TROPIEZO - Insurreccion Indigena (Punx Before Profit$)

Demo Feature
REVENGE - Don't Ask Why (Self Released)
REVENGE - Somebody Kill Me (Self Released)
REVENGE - Haymaker at 12 O'Clock (Self Released)
REVENGE - I Know You're Wrong (Self Released)
REVENGE - Fuck Yeah!! (Self Released)

Monday, July 4, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 3, 2005

BOOMTOWN RATS - The Elephant's Graveyard (Polygram)

June 2005 Top 10
LORDS OF LIGHT - UFC (625 Productions)
ANFO - Odio al Sistema (Odios Los Discos)
PAINT IT BLACK - Labor Day (Jade Tree)
DROP IT - Counting Sheep (Western Front)
SAY GOODBYE - Misanthropy (Western Front)
KIROTTU - Uusi Vietnam (Panikkia)
VOORHEES - Drag Racist (Hermit)
BROKEN BONES - Advertisements from Hell (Dr. Strange)
TO WHAT END ? - Kasserad (Crimes Against Humanity)
MIGRA VIOLENTA - Otra Derrota (I Deal)

HYPE - O Canada (Reuben Kincade)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Kill the Press / Pantyhose / Plastic Punk / Streetcar Windows / Baby Killer (Self-Released)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Domination (Fringe)
DIRECT ACTION - Liberty (Bitzcore)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Caught Up (Self-Released)
TERMINAL STATE - Gun To My Head (Self-Released)
OCTOBER CRISIS - Everyday (Psyche Industries)
GENETIC CONTROL - Suburban Life (Psyche Industries)
FAIR WARNING - You Are the Scene (Self-Released)
ASEXUALS - Be What You Want (Psyche Industries)
DOA - I Don't Give a Shit (Sudden Death)
SUBHUMANS - Death to the Sickoids (Sudden Death)
STRETCH MARKS - Foreign Policies (BYO)
SNFU - Get Off Your Ass (BYO)
PROBLEM CHILDREN - Thrashing With Your Parents (Psyche Industries)

REAL SHIT - Myour enji Bokujinkea (Kangaroo)

RUINATION - Got Myself a System (DeadAlive)
THE CLOROX GIRLS - Don't Take Your Life (Smart Guy)
THE STOCKYARD STOICS - USA / Adolescent Chemistry (RRRR)
PAINTBOX - Koku (Ugly Pop)
HOMO MILITIA - Nict Nie Jet Peffekcyyy (Nowy Targ)
THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB - Imperfection (Troy)
FUCKED UP - Dance of Death (Deranged)

MISERY - Almighty Dollar (Profane Existence)
BALLAST - But After the Gig (Reprise) (Profane Existence)
HIRETSUKAN - Wellwisher (G7 Welcoming Committee)
RYTMIHAIRIO - Ison Gin armoilla (unknown)
ACCUSED - Life Kills On (Condar)

Demo Feature
CARDIAC ARREST - Cliche (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Last One Standing (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Love for Life (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Res Dig Mot Overhotem (MOB 47) (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - I'm Paranoid (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Vegetarian Garden Party (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Automatic Middle-Finger Erection (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Cardiac Arrest Anthem (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Symptoms (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Fortress Home (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Not a Man (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - A-Z and Back (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Abolition of Work (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - I've Had it With Authorities (Self Released)

REGULATIONS - We Know What To Do (Havoc)

Saturday, July 2, 2005

Friday, July 1, 2005


This issue came out in July 2005. The issues starts out with an interview with Saigon Distress Signal. I spoke to Clif Hangar about the Freeze reunion. Craig Caron interviews Chris Walters from Go Fuck Yourself Press. A review of Montreal's Unity Fest. There are reviews, gossip, and show listings.

Top 10 - June 2005

Top 10 - June 2005

1. MIGRA VIOLENTA "Studio Live in Paris" CD (I Deal)
2. TO WHAT END ? "Concealed Below the Surface" CD (Crimes Against Humanity)
3. BROKEN BONES "Time for Anger, Not Justice" CD (Dr. Strange)
4. VOORHEES / RADIO ALICE split ep (Hermit)
5. KIROTTU "Eloton Maailma" ep (Panikkia)
6. SAY GOODBYE "Misanthropy" ep (Western Front)
7. DROP IT "Deal With It" ep (Western Front)
8. PAINT IT BLACK "Paradise" CD (Jade Tree)
9. ANFO "Sacro Egoismo" CD (Odios Los Discos)
10. LORDS OF LIGHT s/t ep (625 Productions)

Label Info: