Monday, July 11, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 10, 2005

THE CLASH - Guns of Brixton (Epic)
THE STRAPS - Brixton (Captain Oi)
YOUNG LIONS - In the Fields (Yodel Gems)
ARTICLES OF FAITH - Bad Attitude (Alternative Tentacles)
BULLET TREATMENT - Traitor, Liar, Fake (Basement)

PERIOD 3 - Drinking By Myself (Self-Released)
MODERN MACHINES - Ay! Paisano (Recess)
CHINESE TELEPHONES - I Think I Can Breathe Now (Dingus)
POINTED STICKS - True Love (Sudden Death)

DMZ - Mighty 107 (Sire)
GRIM KLONE BAND - Stet (Rave Up)
THE DILS - Mr. Big (Dionysus)
THE SUBHUMANS - Urban Guerilla (Sudden Death)
THE BUREACRATS - Feel the Pain (1977)

BEHIND ENEMY LINES - Murder at the G8 Summit (Profane Existence)
MASSGRAVE - Walls of Division (Northcore)
WAR OF DESTRUCTION - Systemer (Grand Theft Audio)
DISCLOSE - Apocalypse of Death (Regurgitated Semen)
THE FARTZ - State Control (Alternative Tentacles)

THE VARUKERS - Led to the Slaughter (Get Back)
BATTALION OF SAINTS - Animal in Man (Nitrons)
APPENDIX - Ei Raha do Munvaluuttaa (Hohnie)
TOXIC REASONS - Drunk & Disorderly (Bitzcore)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Phiosophy (Fringe)
JERRY'S KIDS - Build Me a Bomb (X-Claim!)
CIRCLE JERKS - Question Authority (Frontier)

I OBJECT - Your Destruction (Punx Before Profit$)
ROUSE - Here to Stay (Shortfuse)
SBV - Oblivious George (Parts Unknown)
UNIFORM APPROACH - My Scene (Shortfuse)
ANTHEM EIGHTY EIGHT - Norris Theory (No Idea)
DIE! - DIE! Anthem / I Hope You Die (Western Front)
NATIONS ON FIRE - The Nice Song (Strive)

SECRET SEVEN - Tolerate No More (Thrash Steady Syndicate)
QUILL - Diet Pork (You Study)
CHARM - unknown title (625 Productions)
KYKLOOPPIEN SUKUPUUTTO - Roskaa (Tuska & Ahdistus)
I DON'T CARE - What Are You doing ? (625 Productions)
TROPIEZO - Insurreccion Indigena (Punx Before Profit$)

Demo Feature
REVENGE - Don't Ask Why (Self Released)
REVENGE - Somebody Kill Me (Self Released)
REVENGE - Haymaker at 12 O'Clock (Self Released)
REVENGE - I Know You're Wrong (Self Released)
REVENGE - Fuck Yeah!! (Self Released)

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