Monday, July 4, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 3, 2005

BOOMTOWN RATS - The Elephant's Graveyard (Polygram)

June 2005 Top 10
LORDS OF LIGHT - UFC (625 Productions)
ANFO - Odio al Sistema (Odios Los Discos)
PAINT IT BLACK - Labor Day (Jade Tree)
DROP IT - Counting Sheep (Western Front)
SAY GOODBYE - Misanthropy (Western Front)
KIROTTU - Uusi Vietnam (Panikkia)
VOORHEES - Drag Racist (Hermit)
BROKEN BONES - Advertisements from Hell (Dr. Strange)
TO WHAT END ? - Kasserad (Crimes Against Humanity)
MIGRA VIOLENTA - Otra Derrota (I Deal)

HYPE - O Canada (Reuben Kincade)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Kill the Press / Pantyhose / Plastic Punk / Streetcar Windows / Baby Killer (Self-Released)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Domination (Fringe)
DIRECT ACTION - Liberty (Bitzcore)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Caught Up (Self-Released)
TERMINAL STATE - Gun To My Head (Self-Released)
OCTOBER CRISIS - Everyday (Psyche Industries)
GENETIC CONTROL - Suburban Life (Psyche Industries)
FAIR WARNING - You Are the Scene (Self-Released)
ASEXUALS - Be What You Want (Psyche Industries)
DOA - I Don't Give a Shit (Sudden Death)
SUBHUMANS - Death to the Sickoids (Sudden Death)
STRETCH MARKS - Foreign Policies (BYO)
SNFU - Get Off Your Ass (BYO)
PROBLEM CHILDREN - Thrashing With Your Parents (Psyche Industries)

REAL SHIT - Myour enji Bokujinkea (Kangaroo)

RUINATION - Got Myself a System (DeadAlive)
THE CLOROX GIRLS - Don't Take Your Life (Smart Guy)
THE STOCKYARD STOICS - USA / Adolescent Chemistry (RRRR)
PAINTBOX - Koku (Ugly Pop)
HOMO MILITIA - Nict Nie Jet Peffekcyyy (Nowy Targ)
THIS BIKE IS A PIPE BOMB - Imperfection (Troy)
FUCKED UP - Dance of Death (Deranged)

MISERY - Almighty Dollar (Profane Existence)
BALLAST - But After the Gig (Reprise) (Profane Existence)
HIRETSUKAN - Wellwisher (G7 Welcoming Committee)
RYTMIHAIRIO - Ison Gin armoilla (unknown)
ACCUSED - Life Kills On (Condar)

Demo Feature
CARDIAC ARREST - Cliche (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Last One Standing (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Love for Life (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Res Dig Mot Overhotem (MOB 47) (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - I'm Paranoid (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Vegetarian Garden Party (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Automatic Middle-Finger Erection (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Cardiac Arrest Anthem (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Symptoms (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Fortress Home (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Not a Man (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - A-Z and Back (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - Abolition of Work (Self Released)
CARDIAC ARREST - I've Had it With Authorities (Self Released)

REGULATIONS - We Know What To Do (Havoc)

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