Monday, July 18, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 17, 2005

THE BAD AMPS - Black Market Love (Black Market)

BLACK SS - Who Needs You (Punks Before Profit$)

OUT COLD - Vibrate (Kangaroo)
DIRECT CONTROL - Ronnie's Dead (Kangaroo)
JFA - Cokes & Snickers (Alternative Tentacles)
BLUE BALLS My Rules (Dingus)

SUBHUMANS - Life Can Sure Suck (Self-Released)
ZOE - New World (MCR Company)
AGROTOXICO - The People Versus the State (Hohnie)

BURIAL - Concrete Delusion (Deranged)
FRAMTID - Anguish (MCR Company)

RESIST AND EXIST - Poem / Vultures (Spiral)

REAGAN SS - Karma (Coalition)
RIOT 99 - Destroy the City (Self-Released)
GAUZE - Lowcharge (Prank)
GARMONBOZA - Breaking the Silence (Profane Existence)

NEGATIVE APPROACH - I'll Survive (Reptilian)
CRO MAGS - Show You No Mercy (GWR)
DISCHARGE - War's No Fairytale (Clay)
DIRECT ACTION - Tomorrow's Too Late (Irate Faction)
HERESY - Release (Ear Ache)
THE STATE - No Illusions (Havoc)

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Thoughtless (Self-Released)
KRIGSHOT - Och-Hotet Kvarstor (Sound Pollution)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Kneel Down (Self-Released)
G-ANX - Out of Reach (Sound Pollution)
LACK OF INTEREST - Never Let Down (Deep Six)

EXPLODING HEARTS - Forget About Me (Bootleg)

REALLY 3RDS - Everyday, Everyway (Bootleg)
THE THOUGHT CRIMINALS - Hilton Bomber (Incognito)
THE LETTERS - Nobody Loves Me (1977)
RATSIA - Ruumis Ja Sielu (Johanna)

URBAN BLIGHT - Breakout (Feelin' It)
LIGHTS OUT - Unbalanced (Youngblood)
CARRY ON - Problem Solved (Youngblood)
7 SECONDS - Colourblind (BYO)
HANDS DOWN - The Otherside (Self-Released)
BURDEN - Fade Away (Badman)

GHOST MICE - Alas Babylon (Plan-It X)
SOOPHIE NUN SQUAD - You're too Young for the Living Dead (Plan-It X)
THE BANANAS - Blood on My Bananas (Plan-It X)
THIS BIKE IS A PIPEBOMB - Body Count (Plan-It X)
DEFIANCE OHIO - Tanks! Tanks! Tanks! (Plan-It X)

Demo Feature
THE SUBHUMANS - World at War (Self Released)
THE SUBHUMANS - Celebrity (Self Released)
THE SUBHUMANS - I Got Religion (Self Released)

DECONDITIONED - Wreck Loose (B. E Records)

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