Tuesday, June 30, 1987

Saturday, June 27, 1987

Flyer - Saturday June 27, 1987

This is one of the first afternoon matinees done as an all ages show at a bar. Straight Ahead were the first of the straight edge revival bands coming out of New york. I am sure they were an influence on Youth of Today, but the mosh beat really comes from Straight Ahead. Sick of it All were also a new band at the time and this might have been prior to their ep on Revelation. Alternative Inuits were from Montreal and were brought in to play the show. And I think Death of Gods were behind putting on this show because they were totally into Straight Ahead and their predecessor NYC Mayhem.

Friday, June 26, 1987

Flyer - Friday, June 26th, 1987

Rapid City, South Dakota

Tuesday, June 23, 1987

Flyer - Tuesday June 23rd, 1987

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Sunday, June 21, 1987

Flyer - Sunday June 21st, 1987

This is a show in Kenosha, Wisconsin that makes up the first tour of the United States by Sons of Ishmael undertaken in 1987.

Saturday, June 20, 1987

Friday, June 19, 1987

Thursday, June 18, 1987

Flyer - Thursday June 18th, 1987

Sons of Ishmael go down to Kent, Ohio to play a couple of shows on the weekend. There was a house party show that happened this same weekend. Danny Wilkins took the band on a tour of Kent State University to see some of the bullet holes that still exist from the day that the National Guard attacked and shot the students that Neil Young sings about in "Ohio" and that Sons of Ishmael covered.

Saturday, June 13, 1987

Thursday, June 11, 1987

Flyer - Thursday June 11, 1987

Friday, June 5, 1987

Flyer - Friday, June 5th, 1987

This would have been one of No Means No's shows and it would have been after "Sex Mad" and before "Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed". No Means No were always great. This flyer courtesy of the archives from Noxious Art.

Flyer - Friday June 5, 1987