Sunday, July 31, 2016

Radio - Sunday, July 31st, 2016

DS 13 were in town in the spring (May 17th) which was very surprising to me because the band broke up in 2001 and had not been heard of since. Having been pen pals with Christoffer, the bass player, I wrote to line up an interview which we did before their show. I got to speak with all four of them (Andre, Jonas, Frederik, and Chris) before the show. You can listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 file of the show here.

DS-13 - Umea Hardcore (Havoc)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – DS-13 (Havoc)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – New Aryans (Communichaos Media / Insect) - Reagan Youth cover
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – Poison Idea (Hepatit D / Lane Brain)
DS-13 - Youth Crue Uber Alles (Enslaved / Boy Useless)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – Thrash and Burn (Havoc)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – DS-13, Part 2 (Deranged)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – Rikki Fake (Communichaos Media / Insect)
DS-13 - Fascist Cop (Communichaos Media / Insect)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – DIY Killed by the Kids (Havoc)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
DS-13 – Watch Out (Havoc) - Garbage Pail Kids cover
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
ANTI-CIMEX – Raped Ass (A Records)
DS-13 – Interview (CIUT)
RAW POWER - State Oppression (Meccano)

CLOACA - Domestic Class War (Self-Released)
ZERO - Take The Hint (Insight)
GENEX – Forbidden (Self-Released)
INDIGNARI - Hollow Man (Self-Released)
TASHME - Vicio (Self-Released)
CRUMB – Truth (Self-Released)
MEMORY HOLE demo - Smoke Down (Self-Released)

Top 10 - July 2015
10. VILE INTENT “Machine Into Flesh” ep - Demon-Haunted World (Self-Released)
9. DIORETIX - The Total Perspective Vortex (Self-Released)
8. THE DOG “Fountain of Youth” - Ordinary Walker (Long Walk)
7. SKIPLICKERS “D.E.A.F.” ep - Noisey Neighbours (Kids of the Lughole)
6. Q “Hqw” ep - Terrqr (Self-Released)
5. PUDGE “Bad Lands” - King Bread (Self-Released)
4. VAASKA “Futuro Primitivo” ep - La Muerte Es La Paz (Vox Populi)
3. GREEN BERET “Standing at the Mouth of Hell” LP - Propagandist (Side Two)
2. LA URSS “Maravillas del Mundo” LP - Pasos que agitan el polvo (Sabotage / La Corporacion)
1. FIRING SQUAD “Endless Game” ep - Acceptance (Self-Released)

Here are some runners up to my Top 10, so more new material......

EIGHT BALL “Daily Routine” - The Scam
ATROPELLO! – Demo - Soy (Self-Released)
BODY PRESSURE - Reject (Self-Released)
OUTSKIRTS - Wrong Side (Self-Released)
ALIEN PLACENTA “Scheisse Die Donuts” ep - Amazon Punx - P (Self-Released)
STRUL “7 Spars” - Värsting (Levande Begravd)
DAUDYFLIN “Drepa Drepa” - Drukknið Í Skít (Self-Released)
ONKIIRTAS – Háború (Self-Released)

Punk n roll band from London, Ontario in tonight's demo feature. The band reached out to us and shared the demo found on their bandcamp page. 

KLAZO - Why Would I? (Self-Released)
KLAZO - Fuck Me (Self-Released)
KLAZO - I Gotta Rock ’n Roll (Self-Released) - Reatards cover
KLAZO - You Can Have Me (Self-Released)
KLAZO - Bummer Bitch (Self-Released) - Freestone cover
KLAZO - Get the Fuck out (Self-Released)
KLAZO - Here We Go (Self-Released)
KLAZO - Unarmed (Self-Released)

UX VILEHEADS - Kill for Peace (Adult Crash)
THE VICIOUS - Dead Town (Feral Ward)

Top 10 - July 2016

1. FIRING SQUAD “Endless Game” ep (Agitate)
2. LA URSS “Maravillas del Mundo” LP (Discos MMM)
3. GREEN BERET “Standing at the Mouth of Hell” LP (Side Two)
4. VAASKA “Futuro Primitivo” ep (Necros Division)
5. PUDGE “Bad Lands” (Self-Released)
6. Q “Hqw” ep (Self-Released)
7. SKIPLICKERS “D.E.A.F.” ep (Kings of the Lughole)
8. THE DOG “Fountain of Youth” (Long Walk / N.I.C.)
9. DIORETIX Demo (Self-Released)
10. VILE INTENT “Machine Into Flesh” ep (Self-Released)

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Radio - Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Tonight's show is featured by Stephe and Rob doing an all music show, which has been rare as of late with loads of new and old and odd material contextualized throughout the show. Listen above or download here.

VILE INTENT - Weak Signals (Self-Released)

INDIGNARI - Hollow Man (Self-Released)
GENEX - Enemy (Self-Released)
TASHME - Heat (Self-Released)
FINAL - Que Hago Aqui (Self-Released)
FUSSY - I Want More (Self-Released)

HARD CHARGER – Fed Up Nihilist Blues (Scratch the Surface)
SAGO – In Harm’s Way (Self-Released)
THRASHARDS – Beerzerker (Self-Released)
ARTIFICIAL DISSEMINATION – I Like You Better When You Were Dead (Self-Released)
RECTUM OF PAIN – Meat Grinder Work Week (Self-Released)

SPLODGENESSABOUNDS - Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps Please (Dream)
NO TAG - Mistaken Identity (Propeller)
SQUAD - Millionaire – (Squad)
GREYHOUSE – Automatic (Withering)
X45 - Mad Laughter (Self-Released)

LIGHTMARES – Notamotto (MG)
DISASTERBATORS – Waste of Time (Unreleased)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS – Spider Bite (La Vida Es Un Mus)
EX-CULT – 1906 (Famous Class records)
THE DROPOUTS – She’s a Jyrk (Slovenly)

VAASKA - Gritos Suburbanos (Vox Populi)
THE RIVAL MOB - I Want to Be Victimized (Trash King)
UPTOWN LEISURE BOYS - Scraping Bottom (Discos MMM)
TRIBES COLLIDE - Psychopath (Self-Released)
SECT - Scourge of Empire – (Unreleased)

THE PLUGZ – Braintime (Plug Recordz)
BANTAM ROOSTER – Soul-Phisticate (Crypt)
WIRE – Mannequin (Harvest)
NERVOUS TALK – Close to Death (Hosehead)
BRATS – OY-905 (CBS)

STRUL - Pojken med tjackbyxorna (Levande Begravd)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Electronics (P Trash)
HYPE - Need a Handgun (Fringe)
TRASH KNIFE - The Party Party (Unreleased) - Philadelphia
PEDESTRIAN - Renter (Self-Released)

NO TIME - You'll Get Yours - Playing September 23rd at Faith/Void (Phobiact)
NO PAROLE – Man’s Ruin (Longshot)
FACADE - Poison Pit (Self-Released)
GLOOM SLEEPER - Don't Look Into My Eyes (Contraszt)
MASSES – Crosses (Mass Media / Lost in Fog)

Tonight's demo feature is Pure Pressure who are a new Toronto band that we found out about through SHEXD. You can hear their entire demo at bandcamp

PURE PRESSURE - “Good Mental Health, Seattle” (Self-Released)
PURE PRESSURE - 7000 Miles / 24 States (Self-Released)
PURE PRESSURE - Open Case (Self-Released)
PURE PRESSURE - Searching (Self-Released)
PURE PRESSURE - Ogden Point (Self-Released)

Flyer - Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Radio - Sunday, July, 17th, 2016

Last week on SHEXD Marji played “Pessimist/Feminist” and mentioned that the Irish contigent of Inactivist was flying back to Galway after the Rakta show. On a fluke chance we were able to air the session we recorded on May 31st in a “Day late and a dollar short” kind of way. You can download an MP3 of the show here

INACTIVIST - Pessimist / Feminist (CIUT)
INACTIVIST - Smokestacks (CIUT)
INACTIVIST - Leave the Next Day (CIUT)

These next sets are inspired by current events. The first one happened last Sunday when Portugal won the Euro marking the first time they had ever won an international soccer tournament. This city lit up with the large Portuguese communities and Scott Free, who is one of the hosts of Prophecy, his wife is from Porto, the same place where Dokuga are from. I read in interview in a recent issue of MRR with Dokuga in which they talked about other great bands from Portugal, which is where this set was inspired.

DOKUGA – Avaria (Garagem)
VURMO - Into the Night (Self-Released)
WARBOMBS – Warbombs (Hellprod)
Z.E.D. - Musica de Sirene (Self-Released)
SHITMOUTH - We're Back (Self-Released)

This next set was inspired by the driver who mowed down all those pedestrians in Nice on Bastille Day (July 14th).

RIXE - Rapport De Force (La Vida Es Un Mus)
OUTREAU - Borders After Borders (Une Vie Pour Rien)
PIERRE & BASTIEN – Crise (Pouet! Schallplatten)
STALLED MINDS – Underground (Self-Released)
RECIDIVE - Super Hero (Asenseur Emotionnel)

Turkey had an attempted coup that was thwarted by the people coming out en masse, so in honour of the thwarted coup here are some bands from Turkey as featured on a compilation released by Tian An Men 89 Records titled “Sevdasiz Hayat Olumdur : Underground Turkey” which was released in 1994. Here are some bands from that compilation.

HEADBANGERS – Suratina Isernek (Tian An Men 89)
SPINNERS – LaLaLa (Tian An Men 89)
SAD – Stupid Colony (Tian An Men 89)
NECROSIS – Forces (Tian An Men 89)
RADICAL NOISE – Turkey (Tian An Men 89)

Today there was another cop shooting this time in Baton Rouge, Louisianna, so here are some bands from that state.

PUDGE – Redds (Self-Released)
PATSY - Insidious Kind (Total Punk)
BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS - Streets of Rage (Hozac)
MYSTIC INANE – Reckless (Self-Released)

We haven't done a Top 10 in a while so here are my favourite releases from June 2016.

10. BERNAYS PROPAGANDA “Politika” - Jalova (Moonlee)
9. BASEMENT RAT “Pura Majer” - Gritos (Self-Released)
8. CRUTCH Demo - Eight Floors Above (Left For Dead) (Self-Released)
7. COLLAGEN demo – Empathy (Self-Released)
6. DIORETIX demo - Doomed to Repeat It (Self-Released)
5. SCAB EATER “Mind Trench” ep - Savage Pigs (Hardcore Victim)
4. LOCK “The Cycle” ep – Stalemate (Iron Lung)
3. CHEAP APPEAL Demo - No Work Today (Self-Released)
2. ANARQUIA VERTICAL “Guerro Higienica” ep - Guerro Higienica (Antitodo)
1. REPTILOIDES EP - Великий Вшивый Снег (Hardware)

I don't recall where we found out about Sore points from but they have an awesome demo out on bandcamp.

SORE POIINTS - Tonight (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - Still Standing (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - Don’t Want To (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - Algo (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - Be Alone (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - Forget it (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - Rip Off (Self-released)
SORE POIINTS - There’s Nothing (Self-released)

GENEX – Slavetradder (Self-Released)
VILE INTENT - Machine Into Flesh (Self-Released)

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Radio - Sunday, July 10th, 2016

It's my mother's birthday. I am not even joking about that. What better way to celebrate than with an episode of SHEXD? This is the eight kick at the can by this collective. Sarde called in sick. Christina of the Vanilla Poppers filled in with music from down under and Cleveland. More about Christina further down. To start off the show the Partisans and a song about police violence to reflect the recent police shootings in Dallas which also resulted in police being shot in Dallas. With such an individualized arms race in the States it was only a matter of time. Here is the playlist from the show. You can download an MP3 here. There are more photos up on our FB page under SHEXD photo album.

THE PARTISANS – Bastards in Blue (No Future)

SIYAKHAL – Zombies of Tehran (City Baby Records)
ARMS RACE – We Hate You (La Vida Es Un Mus)
IN SCHOOL – You’re not that dumb (Thrilling Living Records)
PEDESTRIAN – Paradise (Self-Released)
MIRROR – Universal Dismay (Self-Released)

PURE DISGUST – Slander Me (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CONMAN – Steam (Self-Released)
ANXIETY – The Worst (La Vida Es Un Mus)
EFIALITIS – Na’sai (La Vida Es Un Mus)
RAKTA – Raiz Forte (Iron Lung)

Christina is the guest host for this episode SHEXD. Christina plays in Vanilla Poppers out of Cleveland. She runs a label called Blow Blood records, she does a zine called "Stitches in my Head" and is a columnist for MRR. She pulled together material from her native Australia and Cleveland where she has been living for the last little bit.

MASSES – Crosses (Self-Released)
STRAIGHTJACKET NATION – House Arrest (Shortfuse)
SPOTTING – Crunchy

GROTTO – Scumbag (Blow Blood)
LACERATE – No End (Self-Released)
VANILLA POPPERS – Hole’s the Goal (Blow Blood)

G-ANX - Fri Som En Fagel (Gore Core)
BLOWHARD – A God of Substance (Self-Released)
DRIP – DETONATE (Self-Released)
RUPTURE – Everyone’s a Hypocrite (Off the Disk)
INACTIVIST – Pessimist / Feminist (Self-Released)

THE BRAT – The Wolf (540 Records)
JOHNNY MOPED – Panic Button (Chiswick)
THE DICKS – Lifetime Problem (Big Neck)
JANITOR SCUM - I Don't Wanna Be Mee-Mee (I Just Wanna Be GG) (Self-Released)
BLITZ – Vicious (No Future)

JANITOR SCUM features Arielle from Glitter. This is her sister band. Arielle is also the co-host of a show at CJSW in Calgary called Radio Party. One of the best punk rock radio shows going. To book a table write, tables are $25 / table.

On July 24th at Faith / Void there will be a Punk Rock Flea Market with Zoe Dodd DJing.

A fundraising calendar is in the works featuring women in the Toronto punk with proceeds going to Community Action for Families and will be launched at Not Dead Yet. 

DOXX – Stuck in Hetero (Self-Released)
CC DUST – Never Going to Die (Self-released)
CAROL – So Low (Dirty Dance)

SPECIAL INTEREST – Disco (Self-Released)
MARY MOOR – Pretty Day (AAAA Company)
WE’VE GOT A FUZZBOX AND WE’RE GOING TO USE IT – Rules and Regulations (Vindaloo)
FAZE – Blood Trails (Self-Released)

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Flyer - Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Flyer - Thursday, July 7th, 2016

Oaf are in town from Vancouver ( and have a new recording out called "E.C."

Pure Pressure were featured in a recent New Blood section of MRR.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Radio - Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

The Scenics are a first wave punk band from Toronto that started in 1976. They appeared at the Last Pogo, they were favorites of many influential people in the scene like Gary Topp and Colin Brunton, they were hated by many others for not fitting into a certain punk sound taking their cues from the Velvet Underground, Pere Ubu, Talking Heads, Television and bands like that. They are playing next Saturday, but we were able to speak with Andy, Ken and Mark this morning about the Scenics, Don Mills, New Wave, the Scenics Cave, Mystery Train, Punk Haiku, and early Toronto punk. They were one of the first punk bands to be labelled as outsider punk and now that is the style of punk that leads today's scene. You can download an MP3 of the show here.

THE SCENICS - All Belts and Shoelaces (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - New Age (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - Little Johnny Jewel (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - Do the Wait (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Waiting for my Man (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - In The Summer (Bomb)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - Scenic Caves (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - I Killed Marx (Dream Tower)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - Karen (Scenic Route)
THE SCENICS - Interview (CIUT)
THE SCENICS - Iʹm Hurt (Dream Tower)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Flyer - Friday, July 1st, 2016

MRR Review - Vile Intent "Machine into Flesh"

A review of the latest release by Vile Intent from Montreal. I found a great download for their material at Cut and Paste for those who want to play catch up with this fierce powerviolence band. This review is courtesy of MRR from the July 2016 issue. 

MRR Review - Dark Era LP

Dark Era, from Newfoundland, have released a full length. Here is a review of the LP in July's issue of MRR. You can find this release at the band's bandcamp page at

MRR Review - Genex "Human Rites"

From Winnipeg, reviewed in the July issue of MRR.

MRR Review - Zoom "Sweet Desperation" LP

A posthumous release named after the little known ep that is Toronto's first uni release. Reviewed in the July issue of MRR (#398).