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Radio - Sunday July 29th, 2012

Started off with a gun theme to reflect the number of gun shootings in Toronto over the past month. All music show tonight with diverse sets involving Dan Vapid who was in town last night, a new Kieltolaki discography, some requests from last week like the Fits, a tribute to a guy who passed away in THEE VICARS, and a demo feature involving a band from Australia known as EX-CRAW. Listen to the show and read about the set list below.

DOA - He's got a gun (Sudden Death)
THE GUNS - I'm not right 2 (Smog Veil)

DNF - Waste (High Anxiety)
CHEAP ART - Hate City Machismo (Bandcamp)
PICK YOUR SIDE - New War (a389)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Hell is other people (Even Worse)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Can't turn off my brain (Doomtown Sounds)

DAN VAPID AND THE CHEATS - Beware of the Fog (Torture Chamber)
VICTIM PARTY - Tracks (Black Pint)
FAIRMONTS - Spend the night with me (Tidal)
MARKED MEN - Get to you (Dirtnap)
SICKO - Closer to fine (Empty)
TIME AGAIN - Montreal (Street Kids)

KIELTOLAKI - Vihasta ammennan voimaa (Moo Cow)
KREMLIN - Anti-Septic (Hardware)
NAPALM RAID - Misery (Rust and Machine)
PASSIV DODSHJALP - Pa med sirenen (Halvfabrikat / Totalpunk)

THE FITS - Bored of Education (No Exit)
BARRACUDAS - Don't let go (Bomp)
THE DOGS - Charlie was a good boy (Flashing Blood)
63 MONROE - Strike Three (Rave up)
REAL KIDS - down to you (TKO)

MODERN PETS - Dead end beat (Doomtown Sounds)
BROWN SUGAR - Too fucked to drunk (Feral Kid)
TEENANGER “Frights” LP – Tired of you (Telephone Explosion)
THE BEATLES – Polygamy (Self-Released)
TORTURA – Cerraduras (Self-Released)

THEE VICARS - Come on stomp! (Dirty Water)
THE UGLY DUCKLINGS - Nothin' (Unidisc)
GROUPIES - Primitive (Rhino)
MC5 - Tonight (Atlantic)
RICHMOND SLUTS - Drive me wild (Alive / Total Energy)

Demo Feature
EX-CRAW - Macho Man (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - No Asylum (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - Never Fit In / Consistent Control (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - Repeat (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - Death of Truth (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - Go to work (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - Pacific Solution (Self-Released)
EX-CRAW - One track mind (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

July 22nd's edition of Equalizing-X-Distort. We started tonight's show with a Top 10 audio playlist for the month of June in the world of hardcore punk. D'Arcy programmed sets around punks who had died in July. Rob programmed sets around Canadian bands with one set from the early scene. The demo feature is a band from Athens, Georgia that has definite C.O.C. and Bad Brains influences. Listen to the show here.

OSK – Crush Your Canadian Idol (To live a lie)

Top 10 - June 2012NO MORE ART – The young king (Kink)

GUITAR GANGSTERS – Never be fooled (Ril Rec)
SHIPWRECKED – Your flag (Crucial Response)
WEAK LINK – Can’t Let it go (Self-Released)
STEP ASIDE – Nothing’s gotta give (Life to Live)
BOSTON STRANGLER – Disconnect Me (Fun with Smack)
FACE UP TO IT – Nuclear accidents for dummies (Stonehenge)
SICKOIDS – Dive (Hardware / Residue)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE – Dig your grave (Grave Mistake)
MANLIFTINGBANNER – I dream a world (Crucial Response)

RED SQUARES - Ottawa Today (No Exit)
ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES - Wild West (Ugly Pop)
BUREAUCRATS Grown up age (No Exit)
THE SPYS - Machine Shop (Ugly Pop)
POINTED STICKS - Apologies (Bomb)

THE EXPLODING HEARTS - Thorn and Roses (Dirtnap)
THE SLITS - Boring Life (Y)
JOHNNY THUNDERS - born to Lose (Fack)
DISFEAR - Dead Weight (Relapse)
EXPLODING HEARTS - Pretender (Dirtnap)
PAPER BAGS – See you fucks at the bar (No Front Teeth)

HAUTE COUTURE – Serious Shame (Shogun)
MINEFIELD Demo 2012 – Track 6 (Self-Released)
NOOSE - Regulate
HUNTING PARTY – Pleasure Island (Hesitation Wound)
KONTAMINAT demo – Costume (Self-Released)

SNFU - Seeing life through the bottom of a bottle (BYO)
MINUTEMEN - Shit you hear at parties (New underground)
OCTOBER CRISIS - Every Day (Psyche)
MENTORS - Police Hotel (Mystic)
WHITE FLAG - Cleocin (Gastanka)

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Murder (Head eruption)
REAGAN YOUTH - Degenerated (R Radical)
GITS - While you're twisting, I'm still breathing (CZ)
DEMICS - New York City (Ready)

OILTANKER – The end of the rope (Profane Existence)
DRESDEN – Shallow Grave (Profane Existence)
GOURIDE - La finka has been destroyed (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
SHAVED CHRIST – Ages of man (Self-Released)
SHAVED CHRIST – Bury it (Self-Released)
SHAVED CHRIST – No crux (Self-Released)
SHAVED CHRIST – React (Self-Released)

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Radio - Sunday, July 15th, 2012

We started off with a couple of sets of Irish punk from guest host Daragh Hayes. Daragh was born in Galway and had recently revisited in the last couple of months. While there Daragh picked up new material. He had also picked up a comp of early Irish punk from Soap 'n Spikes titled "Shellshock Rockers". So he started off with the early scene and then brought it into a contemporary scene.

Rob pulled together a set of bands with women in them as well as a set of surf inspired punk.

And D'arcy brought us a set of conteomprary bands and a great cover of "Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds" which heard one of the best unintentional re-buttles to Rob's ribbing about sandals.

In keeping with the Irish scene report theme Rat's Blood from Dublin were featured on this show. Have a listen.

THE UNDERTONES - Teenage Kicks (Sire)

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Can't say crap on the radio (Chrysalis)
THE ANDROIDS - Lipstick Heroes (Spit)
SHOCK TREATMENT - On the line (Spit)
EX-PRODUCERS - Newer Wave '79 (Spit)
THE CO-ORDINATES - We're only monsters (Spit)
ACME - Bad News (Spit)

EASPA MEASA - Black Blood (Distroy)
DIVISIONS RUIN - Srebrenicia (Distroy)
DRAINLAND - Stairs (Self-released)
TRENCHES - Blood Bubble (Self-Released)
ONLY FUMES AND CORPSES - Apathy Resumes (Loud, Fast and Rude)

THE PUSSY POPS - Don't wanna (Self-Released)
X - Nausea (Slash)
ERIC'S TRIP - Follow (Sub Pop)
DAHLIA SEED - Milk (Theologian)
REZILLOS - Glad all over (Sire)

STEP FORWARD - The life that chose me (Painkiller)
ULTIMATE BLOWUP - Kindergarden Propagandha (Killed by Death)
PRIMITIVE RITES - I hope Malmo is the first place they nuke (Self-Released)
POOR LIFESTYLE - Stupid Kids (Signaler fran ovan)
INFERNO - Er mur maste bort (D-takt and rapunk)

CONTORT - Endless Myopic Bastards (Self-Released)
BACCHUS - Expand Submerge (Distroy / Contrast)
RITES - Intro (Self-Released)
TWISTED MASS - Scorched Earth (Self-Released)

COLD WARPS - Dream Creepin (Self-Released)
I.V. EYES - They saved terri's tube (Rubber Vomit)
THE SHRAPNELLES - Dessert Furs (Hozac)
LEATHER UPPERS - She digs death (Famous)
BLUE DEMONS - Cougar Country (Boppa do down)

THE SYNDROME - Gang Fight (Unreleased)

Demo Feature
RATS BLOOD - Bloodsucker (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - Bottles (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - Pits (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - New Age (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - Hollow Life (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - Abyss (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - Absurd (Self-released)
RATS BLOOD - Decay Poisons (Self-released)

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Zine - EXD - Volume 12, Issue 03

CHRONIC SUBMISSION were from what I consider the legendary first wave of the Toronto hardcore scene. They were kids at the time and not taken very seriously, that is until they hit the stage. They played a start and stop style of hardcore unheard of in our local scene until bands like MDC and DRI made it through town. They would later pick up on the metal side forging a local crossover sound which characterized material after their second tape. There were some unsavoury stories to this period, as well, which is better to hear from them. This PDF contains the story of CHRONIC SUBMISSION so click on the cover and download the issue.

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Radio - Sunday, July 8th, 2012

The first half hour is the end of the live remote for Afro-fest. Skip through that to hear the following:


ABUSO SONORO - Herencia (Six Weeks)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE - Desocialized (Grave Mistake)
NOOSE - The war of all against all (React)
FUMBLES IN LIFE - Communication Wins (Youth Crew)
BOSTON STRANGLER - Gonna make you pay (Fun with smack)
SICKOIDS - My curse (Hardware / Residue)
YACOPSAE - Apokalypsae (
ALERT - Be Heard (Self-released)

CAREER SUICIDE - Recipe for disaster (Deranged)
CHIEFS - Eddie's revenge (Dr. Strange)
SPITS - Wendy-O (Slovenly)
STRAW MEN - Jack Rabbit (Foul and fair)
IGGY AND THE STOOGES - I got a right (Line)

Then Direct Approach show up and we get into a profile on this little known band from Etobicoke about their unique sound known as Etobi-core. DIRECT APPROACH – Interview (CIUT)
DIRECT APPROACH – Public Education taught me class division
DIRECT APPROACH – Uncross your arms (CIUT)
DIRECT APPROACH – Heretics fork (CIUT)

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Radio- Sunday July 1st, 2012

This is the program for July 1st, 2012, which happens to be "Canada Day" so we started off the show with the Subhumans and we played "Oh Canaduh". As we played it there waqs a realization with how shockingly accurate the lyrics continue to be even though they were written 30 plus years ago. We started off tonight's show with a set of bands from Spain to honour the country's victory in the Euro 2012 final. We featured an interview with Martin Sorrendeguy from Limp Wrist because they are in town to play a tribute for Will Munro at this year's Pride events. There is loads of classic and local hardcore followed up by a demo feature by Hamilton's Snake Charmer.

SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh

ULTIMO RESORTE - Agresividad Controlada (Outline)
VULPESS - Inkisicion (Redrum)
GRB - Soy (Tralla)
SUBTERRANEAN KIDS - Ciudadano ejemplar (B-Core)
HZERO - Adicto (Sell Our Souls)

NEUROSIS - Obsequious Obsolescence (Lookout)
DRI - Argument than war (Beer City)
FARTZ - Dead Solger (Alternative tentacles)
HICKEY - 40 oz. of Bad Karma (1234 Go)
JFA - Walk don't run (Alternative tentacles)

LIMP WRIST - They want us dead (CIUT)
ILEGAL - (Lengua Armada)
RAKOSI - Digep (Lengua Armada)
LIMP WRIST - Punk ass queers (Limp Wrist)

SWAMP RATS - Hey Freak (Self-Released)
THE OUTSIDERS - Summertime Blues (Crypt)
RIPCORD - Collision of Vision (Your Choice)
INTENSE DEGREE - Today (Earache)
CRUDITY - Snetstat (Self-Released)

ABSURD - Bdig Stad (Killed by Death)
KEEP IT UP - Full of shit (Feelin' It)
KANSAAN UUTISET - Koti uskonto isonmaa (Hohnie)
BURNING LOVE - Momento Mori (Deranged)
LAST LAUGH - No idds (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Lifeline (Self-Released)
SACCHARINE TRUST - We don;t need freedom (SST)
REDD KROSS - Kill someone you hate (Smoke 7)
BGK - Holiday in Lebanon (Vogelspin)
MISERY - Thanksgiving day (G.T.G.P.)
MELLAKKA - Itsemaiyyspaiva (Self-released)
APPENDIX - Kuitenry kuolemma (Propaganda)

Demo Feature
SNAKE CHARMER - Cabin Fever (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - Don't Touch Me (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - Nothing Ever Changes (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - Who D'you Know (Self-Released)

SCHIZOPHASIA - Inabsentium (Streaks)

Limp Wrist "Vazaleen" ep

This limited edition release (20 copies) is a fundraising effort by Limp Wrist that was released at their "Shame" show. Monies are being raised in Will Munro's honour in care of the 519 Church Street Community Centre. The single is a limited edition test pressing for the "Want Us Dead" single with exclusive photos of Will taken by Martin Sorrondeguy. The songs on the single are:

1. Just Like You
2. What's gone wrong?
3. Want us dead
4. Fake Fags

This is a joint release by Lengua Armada and Cheap Art. and the cover artwork is beautiful glossy photographic paper stock.

Flyer - Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flyer - Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Flyer - Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Flyer - Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Review - Spys "Underground / Machine Shop" ep

This is a review of a re-issue of the Spys ep who were from Windsor. Ugly Pop re-released the ep and MRR wrote the review for this in the July issue (#350) of MRR.

Review - S.H.I.T. demo

This is a review of the S.H.I.T. demo that MRR wrote in the July issue (#350) of MRR.

Review - The Rock and Roll Bitches "Wild West" ep

This is a review of a re-issue of the Rock and Roll Bitches ep that originally came out in 1980. Ugly Pop re-released the ep and MRR wrote the review for this in the July issue (#350) of MRR.

Review - Pick Your Side "Let me show you how democracy works" LP

This is a review of the first full length by Pick Your Side from Hamilton. A389 Records released the ep and MRR wrote the review for this in the July issue (#350) of MRR.

Review - Hot Nasties "Invasion of the Tribbles" ep

This is a review of a re-issue of the Hot Nasties ep that originally came out in 1980. Ugly Pop re-released the ep and MRR wrote the review for this in the July issue (#350) of MRR.

Review - Countdown to Oblivion LP

This is a review for my old band's discography that just came out. A389 released the LP and MRR wrote the review for this in the July issue (#350) of MRR.

Interview - Don Pyle

The interview that Greg Dick conducted with Don Pyle originally about his photo exhibition at the Beaver was published in the July 2012 issue (#350) of MRR. Along with the importance of capturing the first wave of the Toronto punk scene, Greg also explores Don's first band Crash Kills 5. Little did we know at the time that this would lead to Trouble in the Camera Club. Click on the image to download a PDF of the interview or order a copy at

Top 10 - June 2012

1. MANLIFTINGBANNER “The Revolution continues” dbl LP (Crucial Response)
2. SECTARIAN VIOLENCE “No Regard” ep (Grave Mistake)
3. SICKOIDS LP – Dive (Hardware / Residue)
4. FACE UP TO IT “Le Meilleur d’Entre Nous” ep (Stonehenge)
5. BOSTON STRANGLER “Primitive” LP (Fun with Smack)
6. STEP ASIDE “Reaching Out” ep (Life to Live)
7. WEAK LINK “Drop the Dime” ep (Self-Released)
8. SHIPWRECKED “the Last Pagans” LP (Crucial Response)
9. GUITAR GANGSTERS “The Class of ‘76” CD (Ril Rec)
10. NO MORE ART demo (Kink)

* Crucial Response – von-der-mark Str 31 / 47137 Duisburg / Germany /
* Grave Mistake – P.O. Box 2482 / Richmond, VA / 23241 / USA /
* Hardware – P. O. Box 1646 / 49006 Osnabruck / Germany / / Residue – 2023 W. Estes Avenue / Chicago, IL / 60645 / USA /
* Stonehenge – B.P. 30005 / 33037 Bordeaux Cedex / France /
* Fun with Smack – 872 Pleasant Street / Raynham, MA / 02767 / USA
* Life to Live –
* Weak Link –
* Ril Rec – Daimler Str. 22 / 46049 Oberhausen / Germany /
* Kink Records –