Monday, July 2, 2012

Radio- Sunday July 1st, 2012

This is the program for July 1st, 2012, which happens to be "Canada Day" so we started off the show with the Subhumans and we played "Oh Canaduh". As we played it there waqs a realization with how shockingly accurate the lyrics continue to be even though they were written 30 plus years ago. We started off tonight's show with a set of bands from Spain to honour the country's victory in the Euro 2012 final. We featured an interview with Martin Sorrendeguy from Limp Wrist because they are in town to play a tribute for Will Munro at this year's Pride events. There is loads of classic and local hardcore followed up by a demo feature by Hamilton's Snake Charmer.

SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh

ULTIMO RESORTE - Agresividad Controlada (Outline)
VULPESS - Inkisicion (Redrum)
GRB - Soy (Tralla)
SUBTERRANEAN KIDS - Ciudadano ejemplar (B-Core)
HZERO - Adicto (Sell Our Souls)

NEUROSIS - Obsequious Obsolescence (Lookout)
DRI - Argument than war (Beer City)
FARTZ - Dead Solger (Alternative tentacles)
HICKEY - 40 oz. of Bad Karma (1234 Go)
JFA - Walk don't run (Alternative tentacles)

LIMP WRIST - They want us dead (CIUT)
ILEGAL - (Lengua Armada)
RAKOSI - Digep (Lengua Armada)
LIMP WRIST - Punk ass queers (Limp Wrist)

SWAMP RATS - Hey Freak (Self-Released)
THE OUTSIDERS - Summertime Blues (Crypt)
RIPCORD - Collision of Vision (Your Choice)
INTENSE DEGREE - Today (Earache)
CRUDITY - Snetstat (Self-Released)

ABSURD - Bdig Stad (Killed by Death)
KEEP IT UP - Full of shit (Feelin' It)
KANSAAN UUTISET - Koti uskonto isonmaa (Hohnie)
BURNING LOVE - Momento Mori (Deranged)
LAST LAUGH - No idds (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Lifeline (Self-Released)
SACCHARINE TRUST - We don;t need freedom (SST)
REDD KROSS - Kill someone you hate (Smoke 7)
BGK - Holiday in Lebanon (Vogelspin)
MISERY - Thanksgiving day (G.T.G.P.)
MELLAKKA - Itsemaiyyspaiva (Self-released)
APPENDIX - Kuitenry kuolemma (Propaganda)

Demo Feature
SNAKE CHARMER - Cabin Fever (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - Don't Touch Me (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - Nothing Ever Changes (Self-Released)
SNAKE CHARMER - Who D'you Know (Self-Released)

SCHIZOPHASIA - Inabsentium (Streaks)

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