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Radio - Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

July 22nd's edition of Equalizing-X-Distort. We started tonight's show with a Top 10 audio playlist for the month of June in the world of hardcore punk. D'Arcy programmed sets around punks who had died in July. Rob programmed sets around Canadian bands with one set from the early scene. The demo feature is a band from Athens, Georgia that has definite C.O.C. and Bad Brains influences. Listen to the show here.

OSK – Crush Your Canadian Idol (To live a lie)

Top 10 - June 2012NO MORE ART – The young king (Kink)

GUITAR GANGSTERS – Never be fooled (Ril Rec)
SHIPWRECKED – Your flag (Crucial Response)
WEAK LINK – Can’t Let it go (Self-Released)
STEP ASIDE – Nothing’s gotta give (Life to Live)
BOSTON STRANGLER – Disconnect Me (Fun with Smack)
FACE UP TO IT – Nuclear accidents for dummies (Stonehenge)
SICKOIDS – Dive (Hardware / Residue)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE – Dig your grave (Grave Mistake)
MANLIFTINGBANNER – I dream a world (Crucial Response)

RED SQUARES - Ottawa Today (No Exit)
ROCK AND ROLL BITCHES - Wild West (Ugly Pop)
BUREAUCRATS Grown up age (No Exit)
THE SPYS - Machine Shop (Ugly Pop)
POINTED STICKS - Apologies (Bomb)

THE EXPLODING HEARTS - Thorn and Roses (Dirtnap)
THE SLITS - Boring Life (Y)
JOHNNY THUNDERS - born to Lose (Fack)
DISFEAR - Dead Weight (Relapse)
EXPLODING HEARTS - Pretender (Dirtnap)
PAPER BAGS – See you fucks at the bar (No Front Teeth)

HAUTE COUTURE – Serious Shame (Shogun)
MINEFIELD Demo 2012 – Track 6 (Self-Released)
NOOSE - Regulate
HUNTING PARTY – Pleasure Island (Hesitation Wound)
KONTAMINAT demo – Costume (Self-Released)

SNFU - Seeing life through the bottom of a bottle (BYO)
MINUTEMEN - Shit you hear at parties (New underground)
OCTOBER CRISIS - Every Day (Psyche)
MENTORS - Police Hotel (Mystic)
WHITE FLAG - Cleocin (Gastanka)

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Murder (Head eruption)
REAGAN YOUTH - Degenerated (R Radical)
GITS - While you're twisting, I'm still breathing (CZ)
DEMICS - New York City (Ready)

OILTANKER – The end of the rope (Profane Existence)
DRESDEN – Shallow Grave (Profane Existence)
GOURIDE - La finka has been destroyed (Self-Released)

Demo Feature
SHAVED CHRIST – Ages of man (Self-Released)
SHAVED CHRIST – Bury it (Self-Released)
SHAVED CHRIST – No crux (Self-Released)
SHAVED CHRIST – React (Self-Released)

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