Tuesday, March 21, 1978

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Thursday, March 16, 1978

The Action "TVs on the Blink" 12"

This Ottawa band is known for this 12" that was released on Montreco. "TV's on the Blink" is the song that stands out and has been recognized as such by getting put on the Punk History Canada comp and some other Killed By Death like bootlegs. The song was also used on the Montreco sampler "Permanent New Wave". The 12" also contained "I'm Waiting for My Man" which was a Velvet Underground cover. "Downtown Boys" have a story that Ted spoke about in our interview and "Do The Strangle' was to emulate the dance craze songs from the 50's, but with a punk twist. So the track listing is:
1. TV's On The Blink
2. Downtown Boys
3. I'm Waiting For My Man
4. Do The Strangle
You can find a download for the ep at Always Searching for Music blogspot.

Wednesday, March 1, 1978

Zine - Pickering Punk #1

This is the first issue Pickering Punk produced by Ivan Judd of Dole Q and Swindled. Ivan bought a Gestetner machine and ran these off by cranking the pages out, literally. The paper is thermal paper similar to fax quality paper and has that smell to it. This issue which came out in March 1978 contains material about Dole Q, the history of punk, a discography, some gossip, some reports on bands from the early Toronto scene, and other bits. Click on the cover to download a PDF of this issue.

Zine - Toranna, Volume 1, Issue 5

This was Johnny Garbagecan's zine. Johnny Garbagecan was the manager for the Ugly. I found this posted on the Dents myspace site. This was put out in March of 1978 and may have been the fifth issue of the zine. Loads of great local stories and pieces on the Skulls, Elvis Costello, the Sex Pistols and more.