Sunday, August 26, 2018

Radio - Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Riding in there was an orange full moon which I believe is a blood moon, so I pulled a cover of the CCR song "Bad Moon Rising". You can download the show here

LAGWAGON – Bad Moon Rising (Fat Wreck Chords)

GRIMSKUNK - Let's Start a War (Indica)
THE STIFFS - Kids on the Street (Dork)
SUBURBAN STUDS – Questions (Pogo) 
HITLER SS - Somebody Says Punk is Dead - No Solution (Compact Cassette)
SLOW FACTION - No Country for the Young (Self-Released)

STUCK OUT HERE – Hangover Sex (Self-Released
LOST LOVE – Pardon My French (Stomp
THE MENDOZAZ – Like Me Better (Self-Released)
THE HECK – For Cryin’ Out Loud (Dirty Water)
THE PEAWEES – Stranger (Rum Bar)

BERZERKER BOYZ - Wolf Warriors (Self-Released
SIGHTS OF WAR - The Statement (Ancient Temple / Waste of Time / Guilty Parade / Black Speed)
HARD CHARGER – Usurper (Ancient Temple / Waste of Time / Guilty Parade / Black Speed)
NO PROBLEM – Life (Deranged)
RAPID DYE - Malevolence Intravenous (Sexy Romance
DRUX – Afraid (Self-Released

HARRINGTON SAINTS – Red State (Contra / Rob a Bank)
BB AND THE BLIPS – Lucky Country (Blow Blood)
NADSAT – La Unica Ley (Tormenta de Ideas
VIRUS – Not Just Saying (Vomitpunkrock)

Upcoming shows
DEVIANT - Erotic and Evil (Self-Released)
MALA LECHE - Risas Rabiosas (Self-Released)
FLEM - Rather Be Dead (Self-Released)
SPUNK - I Lost My Mind (a couple of times) (Self-Released)
SHIP OF FOOLS - 33 North (Self-Released)
TASHME - Cheap Laugh (Self-Released)

Crazy Rich Asians is all the rage in talk show circuits so I thought we would add to the conversation with a focus on punk in Singapore calling it "Crazy Punk Asians"

OPPOSITION PARTY - Taking Us For Fools (New Wave)
MINUS - Blinded by Wealth (Azadghei)
SECRET SEVEN - Nationalist Until the Taxes Go Up (625 Thrashcore)
RADIGALS - My Life, My Way (Self-Released
MILD SHAG - Fight On (Kibou
CBH - I'm The Wallet (4490

Toronto's newest Pretty Boy band played last night and Rob saw them. So we featured them in our demo feature. You can find their recording on bandcamp.

PRETTY BOY – Paid Drinks (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOY – Rochester (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOY – Boys Club (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOY – Rubber Shoes (Self-Released)

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Radio - Sunday, August 19th 2018

Tonight's show starts out with a shout out to the CNE workers who have been locked out. Download the show here.

OFF THE CLOCK – Locked Out (Self-Released)

Everyone seems to be sad by the passing of the Queen of soul, Aretha Franklin. Our tribute involves playing sets of punk inspired by soul.
THE SLITS – I Heard it through the Grapevine (Island)
SECRET AFFAIR - Going to a Go Go (I-Spy) – Smokey Robinson
THE CLASH - Train in Vain (CBS)
DELTA 72 –Monopoly of your Mouth (Touch and Go)

Mod music is also inspired by soul, so here is part 2 of our tribute to Aretha Franklin.
THE CHORDS - Hey Girl (Captain Mod)
THE MODS – Swaying Hair (Other People’s Music)
PURPLE HEARTS - Beat That (Fiction)
THE DISTRACTIONS - It Doesn't Bother Me (Island)
ANY TROUBLE - (Get You Off) The Hook (Stiff)
THE MERTON PARKAS - Tears of a Clown (Beggars Banquet)
REDSKINS - Keep On Keepin' On! (Decca)
THE JAM - Town Called Malice (Polydor)
TRANZMITORS – Jimmy at the Mod Shop (No Front Teeth) -

GOD'S HEART ATTACK - Treat Me Like A Doll (No Fun)
THE FILTH – Sex (Plurex)
CHUZPE – Kopfschussler (Rave Up) – Austria
THE BRAINEATERS – Edge (Wrong World) - Vancouver
DOA -State Control (Sudden Death) – Vancouver

WAR OF DESTRUCTION - Råddenskabens Støtter (Self-Released)
SOCIETY'S DECLINE - Sick Broken System (Sself-Released) – Sweden
INNOCENT – Newspeak (Self-Released)
SCRAPS - Wrapped Up (Be Yourself)
HEIMAT-LOS – Assisté (Self-Released)
RULETA RUSA - Es Un Desorden (Sorry State)

RUSSKAJA – Cheburaschka
HATE ORDER – Genocide
SCRAP BRAIN - Don't Talk To Me

NO MAS – Preguntas - Victoria
DISPHORIA - The Killing Never Ends - Victoria
NAPALM RAID - Untold Reality
CANNABIC A – Hugo - Guatemala
BOUNDLESS – Salvage – Melbourne
ZULJ - Resetiraj Civilizaciju - Croatia
CHAIN WHIP - Overstimulated World – Vancouver
TARANTULA - Seed The Stars
CHAIN CULT – Isolated

Tonight's demo feature is a new band out of Hamilton called Gilded Age. The band features some folks from X45 / School Jerks fame. You can find the demo up on bandcamp.

GILDED AGE – The True Cost Bite Your Tongue (Self-Released)
GILDED AGE – New Plague (Self-Released)
GILDED AGE – Fear City (Self-Released)
GILDED AGE – The Counting House (Self-Released)
GILDED AGE – Born To Be Mild (Self-Released)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Radio - Sunday, August 12th 2018

This past Sunday's show where we start out by celebrate Alex Jones getting kicked off of social media platforms. Download our show here.

FLIRT - De-Generator (Real)

WOUND MAN – Evolution (Iron Lung)
ALEX JONES - Sleep Every Night (No Time)
WALL BREAKER - False Prophet (Self-Released)
EXIT UNIT - Hate Everything (Deep Six / Draw Blanks)
TIRED OUT - Fool Me Twice (Self-Released)

DISFEAR – Powerload (Throne)
ZYANOSE – Damage Mix (Noisenoise)
CELLPHONE – Run Hide or Fight (Self-Released)
HERESY – Believing a Lie (Still Thinking)

NHA – May 4th (Self-Released)
THE GRINNING BARRETTS – W and B (Self-Released)
THE FALLOUT - Wage Slave (Rebel Time)
JODIE FASTER - Bad Mood and Black Coffee

THE MOTORLEAGUE – Alone in the Universe (Self-Released)
COUPE GORGE - Nes pour rester dans L’ombre (
DEAD HERO – La Vida Continua (Self-Released)
THE PREFECTS – Things in General
HOTEL MURDER – Full Circle (Self-Released)

BOSS - I'm The Dog (You're The Ball)
JIMMY VAPID - House of Cards (Self-Released)
VIETCONG 68 - La Ofensiva del Tet (Tough Ain’t Enough)
THE BRASS - When The Boots Come Marching In

Desperate Times are playing on Friday and they have a demo which you can find on bandcamp. Check out their show on Friday at Coalition.

DESPERATE TIMES – Fuck the Future (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES – Fodder (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES – Advertisement Land (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES – Desperate Measures (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES – Law of the Land (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES – Pharmaceutical Warfare (Self-Released)
DESPERATE TIMES – Another Day Another Death (Self-Released)

Friday, August 10, 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Radio - Sunday, August 5th 2018

Tonight's show is guest hosted by longtime punk DJ Chris Iler, who co-hosted Fast 'n Bulbous (CHRY), Imperfection Hours (CFRC) and did a label called "Fans of Bad Productions". Chris had the idea to do a label profile on Supreme Echo, this great label in Victoria doing some incredible archival work starting out with a Polish compilation called "Victim of a Safety Pin". Jason Flower, of MPA is the person behind this label and some other great projects that started out as a tape label known as Break Even. Chris and I talk glowingly about Jason and his many projects. You can download the show here

DEADLOCK – Victim of a Safety Pin (Supreme Echo)

RETSEPTI - Nu Matyueb (Supreme Echo)
NORTHERN HAZE – Qailaurt / Quviasuk (Supreme Echo)
TWITCH – I am the Wizard (Supreme Echo)
THE NEOS – Ripped Off (All Your Ears Can Hear)
JERK WARD – UFO (Supreme Echo)
MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY – Everyone is Guilty (Supreme Echo)

SPHEX – Leaving this Crazy City (Supreme Echo)
THE DISHRAGS – London’s Burning (Supreme Echo)
TRITON WARRIOR – Satan’s Train (Supreme Echo)
ZELLOTS -Vampire Love (Supreme Echo)

VENDETTA – Modern Rockers (Supreme Echo)
THE STIFFS – Dad’s a Pig (Supreme Echo)
WASTED LIVES – Allegiance (Supreme Echo)
PLAN NINE – I Ain’t No Robot (Supreme Echo)
KARRION – Necro Nightmare (Supreme Echo)
MISSION OF CHRIST – To Oblivion (Supreme Echo)

BAD BRAINS - Send You No Flowers (Caroline)
THE CLASH - Pressure Drop (Epic)
ELVIS COSTELLO - Watching the Detectives (CBS)
GUTFULL – My Culture is not a Costume (Self-Released)
THE TUTS – Wannabe (Self-Released)

Gutfull and the Tuts I found out about on a remote broadcast by MRR for Decolonize Fest which you should check out. 

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Halifax called Zygome. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

ZYGOME – Walking through a Dream (Self-Released)
ZYGOME – 6th Extinction (Self-Released)
ZYGOME – Mental Murder (Self-Released)
ZYGOME – The Power Shifts (Self-Released)

Saturday, August 4, 2018