Sunday, August 5, 2018

Radio - Sunday, August 5th 2018

Tonight's show is guest hosted by longtime punk DJ Chris Iler, who co-hosted Fast 'n Bulbous (CHRY), Imperfection Hours (CFRC) and did a label called "Fans of Bad Productions". Chris had the idea to do a label profile on Supreme Echo, this great label in Victoria doing some incredible archival work starting out with a Polish compilation called "Victim of a Safety Pin". Jason Flower, of MPA is the person behind this label and some other great projects that started out as a tape label known as Break Even. Chris and I talk glowingly about Jason and his many projects. You can download the show here

DEADLOCK – Victim of a Safety Pin (Supreme Echo)

RETSEPTI - Nu Matyueb (Supreme Echo)
NORTHERN HAZE – Qailaurt / Quviasuk (Supreme Echo)
TWITCH – I am the Wizard (Supreme Echo)
THE NEOS – Ripped Off (All Your Ears Can Hear)
JERK WARD – UFO (Supreme Echo)
MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY – Everyone is Guilty (Supreme Echo)

SPHEX – Leaving this Crazy City (Supreme Echo)
THE DISHRAGS – London’s Burning (Supreme Echo)
TRITON WARRIOR – Satan’s Train (Supreme Echo)
ZELLOTS -Vampire Love (Supreme Echo)

VENDETTA – Modern Rockers (Supreme Echo)
THE STIFFS – Dad’s a Pig (Supreme Echo)
WASTED LIVES – Allegiance (Supreme Echo)
PLAN NINE – I Ain’t No Robot (Supreme Echo)
KARRION – Necro Nightmare (Supreme Echo)
MISSION OF CHRIST – To Oblivion (Supreme Echo)

BAD BRAINS - Send You No Flowers (Caroline)
THE CLASH - Pressure Drop (Epic)
ELVIS COSTELLO - Watching the Detectives (CBS)
GUTFULL – My Culture is not a Costume (Self-Released)
THE TUTS – Wannabe (Self-Released)

Gutfull and the Tuts I found out about on a remote broadcast by MRR for Decolonize Fest which you should check out. 

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Halifax called Zygome. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

ZYGOME – Walking through a Dream (Self-Released)
ZYGOME – 6th Extinction (Self-Released)
ZYGOME – Mental Murder (Self-Released)
ZYGOME – The Power Shifts (Self-Released)

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