Sunday, August 26, 2018

Radio - Sunday, August 26th, 2018

Riding in there was an orange full moon which I believe is a blood moon, so I pulled a cover of the CCR song "Bad Moon Rising". You can download the show here

LAGWAGON – Bad Moon Rising (Fat Wreck Chords)

GRIMSKUNK - Let's Start a War (Indica)
THE STIFFS - Kids on the Street (Dork)
SUBURBAN STUDS – Questions (Pogo) 
HITLER SS - Somebody Says Punk is Dead - No Solution (Compact Cassette)
SLOW FACTION - No Country for the Young (Self-Released)

STUCK OUT HERE – Hangover Sex (Self-Released
LOST LOVE – Pardon My French (Stomp
THE MENDOZAZ – Like Me Better (Self-Released)
THE HECK – For Cryin’ Out Loud (Dirty Water)
THE PEAWEES – Stranger (Rum Bar)

BERZERKER BOYZ - Wolf Warriors (Self-Released
SIGHTS OF WAR - The Statement (Ancient Temple / Waste of Time / Guilty Parade / Black Speed)
HARD CHARGER – Usurper (Ancient Temple / Waste of Time / Guilty Parade / Black Speed)
NO PROBLEM – Life (Deranged)
RAPID DYE - Malevolence Intravenous (Sexy Romance
DRUX – Afraid (Self-Released

HARRINGTON SAINTS – Red State (Contra / Rob a Bank)
BB AND THE BLIPS – Lucky Country (Blow Blood)
NADSAT – La Unica Ley (Tormenta de Ideas
VIRUS – Not Just Saying (Vomitpunkrock)

Upcoming shows
DEVIANT - Erotic and Evil (Self-Released)
MALA LECHE - Risas Rabiosas (Self-Released)
FLEM - Rather Be Dead (Self-Released)
SPUNK - I Lost My Mind (a couple of times) (Self-Released)
SHIP OF FOOLS - 33 North (Self-Released)
TASHME - Cheap Laugh (Self-Released)

Crazy Rich Asians is all the rage in talk show circuits so I thought we would add to the conversation with a focus on punk in Singapore calling it "Crazy Punk Asians"

OPPOSITION PARTY - Taking Us For Fools (New Wave)
MINUS - Blinded by Wealth (Azadghei)
SECRET SEVEN - Nationalist Until the Taxes Go Up (625 Thrashcore)
RADIGALS - My Life, My Way (Self-Released
MILD SHAG - Fight On (Kibou
CBH - I'm The Wallet (4490

Toronto's newest Pretty Boy band played last night and Rob saw them. So we featured them in our demo feature. You can find their recording on bandcamp.

PRETTY BOY – Paid Drinks (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOY – Rochester (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOY – Boys Club (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOY – Rubber Shoes (Self-Released)

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