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The Wives "Cigarettes" LP

"Cigarettes" was the second album by the Battered Wives. Cleave Anderson had left the band and Patrick Mooney replaced him on drums. Bomb Records was supposed to release it but they ran out of money so they sat on it for almost a year before licensing it to Epic Records. Epic refused to release the record unless the band changed their name to the Wives. The record came out sometime between 1979 and 1980 and included a bonus single that was a whote label promo featuring the Ian Dury song "Sex & Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll as the A side and Pass out on the B Side. 5,500 copies of the record sold. The band won a Juno for the artwork cover. The songs on the record are:

1. Ready or Not
2. New Wave Robot
3. Afraid of the Dark
4. Windy Beach
5. Rub For Your Life
6. Hit and Run
7. Plastic Princess
8. Fantasy (I Love)
9. Telling You Lies
10. Wake Me When it's Over
11. Mandy

Pacemaker Records re-issued the album in 1999 as a CD with the following extra tracks:

12. Sex & Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll
13. Pass Out
14. Love Abuse
15. Factory Girls
16. Classified
17. Giddy