Saturday, February 25, 2012

Violent Future demo

VIOLENT FUTURE are a new band formed out of former members of BAD CHOICE. But the band is more than that with the singer from URBAN BLIGHT playing guitar and the main city’s promoter, Greg “Stuck in the City” Benedetto, on drums. So there is a classic east coast vibe to the band because that’s the music that the members grew up listening to. Think of that primal sound hardcore sound that east coast bands produced while trying to reproduce the bands coming out of the early UK HC scene. It’s the link that makes sense out of seeing that guy with the leather jacket with the ANGELIC UPSTARTS logo on the back who was at the NEGATIVE APPROACH segment for “Why be something that you’re not” video. There certainly is the NEGATIVE FX or DYS sound, but there is also a CRIMINAL DAMAGE vibe in the songs where you can hear this creeping oi sound to the material. And the comparisons don’t stop there. Christian writes bleak lyrics that capture the dire times of the mid 80’s in the Thatcher/Reagan era. Songs like “Fatal Reality” sum up just how dire things have gotten. Or “Goon Life” becomes a metaphor with how bully culture has become all pervasive in society. This is an inspired back to basics release by today’s scene veterans. And you can download the file at

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