Sunday, April 5, 2009

School Jerks ep

The SCHOOL JERKS feature the singer and drummer of TERMINAL STATE, except the singer has converted to guitar. And he does a great job of it playing super raw, keeping one foot in the garage world and one foot in the hardcore world. They remind me of DEAN DIRG in that ability to straddle both. Ivan’s drumming reminds me a lot of the CIRCLE JERKS. Luke’s blown out vocals are very raspy and come off like a cross between Darby Crash and Alec MacKaye (circa the FAITH era). I can’t really comment on the lyrics because there are none, even though there is sheet with particulars about the recording which I do appreciate having. I learned that Ben, the guitarist, did the recording on this. Tara delivers another amazing cover which may create some controversy. But I think they’d be into that. For the record they are not Nazis. (Riff Raff Records – - SP

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