Monday, January 3, 2005

Young Canadians "No Escape" CD

The YOUNG CANADIANS were a band from Vancouver and were originally called the K-Tels. The K-Tels were on the "Vancouver Complication" comp. They had to change their name because of that shitty label that did those stupid product sampler comps back in the 70's. Anyway the band was able to record a number of eps collected on this CD. The first song comes from the comp.

1. I Hate Music

The next batch are from the "Automan" ep.

2. Automan
3. Don't Tell Me
4. Where Are You

The next batch come from the "Hawaii" ep

5. Hawaii
6. Well, well, Well
7. Hullabaloo Girls
8. No Escape

The next batch are from the "This is Your Life" ep

9. Data Redux
10. Just a Loser
11. This is Your Life
12. Don't Bother Me

The last batch of stuff is previously unreleased live material taken from a variety of sources and sontains songs that weren;t recorded in studios.

13. Son of Spam
14. Can't Be Denied
15. Question of Temperature
16. Wait for Your Approval
17. Fuck Your Society
18. Beg, Borrow, or Steal
19. Last Tango (Femme Fatale)
20. Picture of Health
21. Poison of the Thought
22. The Remainder

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