Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Zine - EXD, Volume 14, Issue 1

The new issue of the EXD zine is out and this issue features an interview with two members from Creative Zero who were a hardcore band from the early 80's that formed in the Peterborough area. James Zero, who played guitar, and Joel Wasson, who played drums, were the interviewees. They fill us in on the band tell us about moving to Toronto, give us stories about the shows they played, the bands they played with and the clubs that this all happened in. They also inform us that they were recorded for a second T.O Hardcore comp that never came out. But they were in "Not Dead Yet" so that is part of the narrative. Tim Freeborn transcribed this beat of a discussion. We also included a few reviews of an ealry Toronto punk zine called "Smash it Up" with links to on-line versions so that you can download them for yourself.

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