Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SAGO Studio 3 session

SAGO are a new hardcore band started out of a need to start a fast hardcore band. The band features Alex from the Sofistifucks on vocals, which is odd because he plays drums in the Sofistifucks. In fact all these band members played drums in other bands so they are a band of drummers, but they also play pother instruments in other bands. Marty plays guitar in SAGO and Dragged In. Chad is the other guitarist who also has talents doing video editing for "The Scene id Dead...Long Live the Scene". Mike plays bass and Piers plays drums. The band has good chemistry. Their experience in other bands doesn't make them afraid to edit their material. There are a lot of crazy parts  that create layered structures all from a hardcore tradition which makes the music fierce and amazing. The session was a lot of fun and Ian Wilkinson was able to record the following songs which are on the "City Wide Garbage Strike" demo, a few new songs and a DS-13 cover.

1. Ignorant Shit
2. Capital Punishment
3. Throwaway
4. Squeeler
5. In Harm's Way
6. Accusations
7. Antipathy
8. Faceless Criminals
9. Fukk the Cops

DS-13 is one of the band's influences and they get to play with them on May 17th. How often does that happen?

This session was videotaped by Aldo and Punks 'n Rockers. Here is a clip from that session.

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