Sunday, January 17, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 17th, 2016

On tonight's show we played all music, no interviews to feature some new material coming out and some things we have missed in the past. But we started off with some bands coming to town. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

MOTHERFUCKERS - Old Enough to Know Better (Handsome Dan)

POISON IDEA - This Thing Called Progress (American Leather)
LONG KNIFE - Weekend At Bartek's (Long Knife)
AAS - No Interaction (Self-Released)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Ammosexual
GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS - Open Letter To The Cleveland Police (625 Thrash)
PRESSING ON - What We Believe (Self-Released)
MUCOPUS – Asturias (Self-Released)

GINO AND THE GOONS – Let’s Go (Slovenly)
THE COUNT BISHOPS – Teenage Letter (Chiswick)
THE EXITS – This Toytown World (Rev-Ola)
USELESS EATERS – Poison Darts (Slovenly)

ANCIENT FILTH – Commodity (Self-Released)
SMILING - Mellow Out (Self-Released)
PARANOID - Kenzennaru Seishin Houkai (D-Takt ja Rapunk)
PARASYTES – Melting Brain (Self-Released)
QUARTER TANK - We Brought the Fire (Self-Released)

CHEETAH CHROME – Take Me Home (Numero)
THE CIGARETTES – Surrender (Detour)
FLOWERS OF EVIL – Kick the Sky (Deranged)
SCRAPER – Trash Can (Slovenly)
OAF – Consume (Deranged)

CONSTANT INSULT - No Beginning (Let’s Pretend)
LA MISMA - Ta Rabida Sin Es Ta Bira L Na Bo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
LATEX - Nothing to Say (World Gone Mad / Sensual World)
VCR - Scream Again (Self-Released)
TOTAL DICKS - Grocery Store Mutant (Self-Released)
PRETTY BOYS - Gorm Shelves (Self-Released)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Believe Me Alone (Self-Released)

DRONEZ - Domestic Blacksite (Ryvvolte)
BLIND DOG - Hunger Pains (Self-Released)
OFF! – Void You Out (Vice)
PATSY - Tuley Tude High (Self-Released)
BLOODSUCKERS - Замкнутый круг (Vicious Circle) (Self-Released)

OUTREAU - No Justice (Une Vie Pour Riens)
VIAL - No One Understands (Cut Rate)
CASCARABIAS - El Despertar (Self-Released)
NIGHT SCHOOL – Synanon (Self-Released)
THE GIFT - Bound for nothing (Self-Released)
ROTTEN MIND – Damaged State of Mind (Lovely)

DEAD HERO – Antisocial (Discos MMM)
FLQ – Crime (Bad Vibrations)
63 MONROE – Bloodstains on the Carpet (Speed City)
TV FREAKS – Glue (Deranged)
THE MAHONES – Fuck You (Wolverine)
DOA – You've Gone Too Far (Sudden Death)

Tonight's demo feature is a new band local band featuring Patty from Brutal Youth on vocals, two guys who were in End Program and Dave and Martin from Dead Mouth. You can find this at their bandcamp page.

DRAGGED IN – August (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Safe Together (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Breathe (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Dragged In (Self-Released)
DRAGGED IN – Empty Glasses (Self-Released)

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