Sunday, January 10, 2016

Radio - Sunday, January 10th, 2016

We spoke with Moira and Graeme Mackinnon of Strangled after they played Not Dead Yet on Sunday October 25th. This went way into the early morning as you will hear referenced many times throughout the interview. We speak about Game of Thrones, the MacKinnons and punk, David Finkleman, a band they did with Zoe Dodd called Low Ceiling, Harper SS, and the songs on "Body Bag" in depth. You can download an MP3 of the show here

STRANGLED  Cold Front (Crude City)
STRANGLED  Fast Motion (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
LOW CEILING  Endless Nights and Endless Days (Self-Released)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Body Bag (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  White Noise (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Leader (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
HARPER SS  Victimized (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Third Eye (Crude City)
STRANGLED – Interview (CIUT)
STRANGLED  Cost of Living (Crude City)

Tonight’s demo feature is a band from St. Petersburgh, Russia described in the latest issue of MRR as ripping it up in the style of a Japanese D-Beat crusters. It makes me think a little of Absolut. You can find their demo on bandcamp.

BLOODSUCKERS – War in my Head (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Psychosis (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Vicious Circle (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Devil in my Flesh (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – I’d Rather Die Poor (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Carry on Chaos (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Student Wankers (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Under the political Stamp (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Cheap Trip (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Peace and Love Through Drugs (Run State Tapes)
BLOODSUCKERS – Shackles of Love (Run State Tapes)

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