Monday, June 12, 2006

Radio: Sunday, June 11, 2006

VANILLA MUFFINS - FCB (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)

DOA - DOA (Sudden Death)
SKEEZICKS - Stupid questions (Bolzkow)
SEVEN SECONDS - Fight Your Own fight (Squirtdown)
ILL REPUTE - We'll Get Back At Them (Grand Theft Audio)
DIE BRUCKE - Status Coal (Self-Released)
VICTIMS - Your Life is Red (Havoc)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Philosophy (Fringe)

DOA - Fucked Up Baby (Sudden Death)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Bent (Diabolic Force)
DIRTY BIRD - Fight (Muck)

THE METAL EDDIES - Jenny was a Goth (No Vynil)
OVERDOSE - Self Titled (Live)
SEPTIC TANK DISASTER - South America (Pezmosis)

DOA - World War 3 (Friends)
THROWAWAYS - Tallahassie Tally-Ho (No Vynil)
DIRECT ACTION - Dominator (Self-Released)
SUDDEN IMPACT - Cats Life / Paint Fumes (Self-Released)
DIRTY BIRD - In Cast (Muck)
BFG - Have you Ever Seen ? (Back Alley)

THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Cyber Stabbed in the Virtual Back (I Deal)
SKIT SYSTEM - Våld (Havoc)
BLOODHAG - Frederik Pohl (Alternative Tentacles)
RAMMER - Dataslut (CD Track 2)
GOAT HORN - Threatening Force (Basement Metal)

Demo Feature
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - The Night Has Fallen (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - Burning (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - From the Dead (Self-Released)
DEATH WITH A GAGGER - Frustration (Self-Released)

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