Monday, June 5, 2006

Radio - Sunday, June 4, 2006

NOMIND - Checking the Obituaries (Lone Wolf)

BUZZCOCKS - Promises (EMI)
POINTED STICKS - Lies (Sudden Death)
VANILLA MUFFINS - I Wanna Be Somebody (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Gotta Getaway (Virgin)
SHAM 69 - What Have We Got (Captain Oi)

CAREER SUICIDE - Disconnect (Feral Ward)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Bulldozer (Self-Released)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Who To Be (Hjernespind)
TRISTESS - Rex (Kick n Punch)
THE SHIVERS - No Reaction (Teenline)
EXPLODING HEARTS - We Dont Have to Worry (Unreleased)

YOUNG LIONS - Guns & Children (Self-Released)
LIVING PROOF - Lizard for a Day (100%)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - One in the Middle (Fringe)
DOA - Watcha Gonna Do (Friends)
DEATH SENTENCE - In Flames (Undergrowth)

THE SUBHUMANS - Slave To My Dick (CD Presents)
UNWANTED - Tanks Keep Rolling (BYO)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - Mrs. Palmer (Risky)
DIRECT ACTION - Trapped in a World (Irate Faction)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Situation All Fucked Up (Pusmort)

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