Sunday, January 17, 2010

Interview with Liz Worth

Tune in tonight for the first interview with Liz Worth about her book "Treat Me Like Dirt", which is an oral history of punk in Toronto and Hamilton and a little bit on London from as far back as can be traced. We will get into the lore and legend of our local punk pioneers and their stories. I just finished the book after reading it for three weeks straight and to be honest I couldn't put it down. I was always trying to find time to sneak away and read more. I have heard stories from this past, but Liz has figured out a way to make sense out of the various narratives. This is the first time I understand what went down at the Crash 'n Burn the night Phil Lynott knocked out Mike Nightmare. I never realized the extent of how outside the law the Ugly and the Curse lived. I had heard that the Go-Go's were inspired by the bands in Toronto but I never realized that Charlotte had written the B-Girls on how to start up a band. The Misfits played here the day after David's burned down. There is loads to this book and without giving it all away I hope you tune in tonight for more details on the book and the music from the period. 89.5FM for those in southern Ontario and for those outside the listening range.

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