Sunday, July 15, 2007

Radio - Sunday, July 15, 2007

This live session was recorded on Friday June 8th, 2007 and aired on CIUT on Sunday July 15th, 2007. Here is the playlist for that radio show.

THE DIODES - Behind Those Eyes (Epic)

THE DIODES - Shapes of Things to Come (CIUT)
Time Damage (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Red Rubber Ball (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Photographs from Mars (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Everything I Am (CIUT)
THE DIODES - That Was the Way it Was (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Tired of Waking up Tired (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Child Star (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Dead on Arrival (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Tennis (Again) (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Headache (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Behind Those Eyes (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Interview, Part 1 (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Interview, Part 2 (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Plastic Girls (Epic)
CARDBOARD BRAINS - Living Inside My Head (Brainco Worldwide)

KORO - Hello, Mom and Dad (Sorry State)
EU's ARSE - Oi for Punk, Oi for Skin (625 Productions/Agipunk)
EUCHARIST - Frozen Minds (Mountain)
9 SHOCKS TERROR - 9th Symbol (Havoc)
DECONDITIONED - Violent Reversal (R.I. Records)
FRAGILE X - Fight (Self-Released)
FRAGILE X - Influence (Self-Released)
FRAGILE X - Self Righteous (Self Released)
FRAGILE X - DBA (Self Released)
FRAGILE X - Don't Belong (Self Released)

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