Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

THE DIODES - Noise (Epic)

THE DIODES - Tired of Waking Up Tired (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Child Star (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Dead on Arrival (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Tennis (Again) (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Headache (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Behind Those Eyes (CIUT)
THE DIODES - Interview (CIUT)

THE BAD FORM - Dying in a Dead Forest (Mad At The World)
GUILT LUST - 3rd World Romance (Fun With Smack)
C.C.S.S. - Realize (Self-Released)
ETA - Looking For A Spot, Hopeless Generation, Why Try (Deranged Records)
CARDIAC ARREST - Fool me Once/ Old New/ What's Up (Grave Mistake)

KNIFE FIGHT - tracks 3 and 4 (My War Records)
CIRCLE JERKS - I Just Want Some Skank / Beverly Hills (Frontier)
THE GERMS - Lexicon Devil (Slash Records)
RATTUS- Senseless Hate/ Ugly Corpses (Peculio / Rotthennes Records)
SOD – Modesvin / We Want / Minioritet / Fuck (Sound of Disaster)
LSD - Karen Nash (Schizophrenic Records)

Demo Feature
CIVIC PROGRESS - Human Being (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Kill the President (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Crimethinic is a Joke (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Cannibals (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Petroleum Man (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Ignorant Fucking Assholes (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Normality (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - I'm No Fun (Self-Released)
CIVIC PROGRESS - Falling Down (Self-Released)

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