Monday, July 30, 2007

Radio - Sunday, July 29, 2007

NECROS – Take 'Em Up (Touch & Go)

HONOR ROLE – I'm A Nerd (No Way!)
SONS OF ISHMAEL – Dead Youth (Over the Top)
POISON IDEA – Die On Your Knees (Taang!)

GENTLEMAN JESSE & HIS MEN – I Don't Wanna Know (Douchemaster)
HI FI'S – Look What You've Done (Show Time)
THE BLACK AND WHITES – You're the Only Girl (Douchemaster)

JAY REATARD – Feeling Blank Again (In The Red)
SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS – You're A Bore (Decca)

GUNNAR HANSEN – Rats (Audio Fellatio)
WARKRIME – No More (No Way!)
RABIES – The Man with the Flute (Sorry State)

GAYE BLADES – Whore Hunt (Rob's House)
RETAINERS – More More More (P-Trash)
CARBONAS – Satisfy Me (Rob's House)

DAYGLO ABORTIONS – Die Sinner Die (Fringe)
RIOT 303 – Drugs (Redrum)
HOMOSTUPIDS – Fish Boys (Parts Unknown)

RAW POWER – State Oppression (Ugly Pop)
CHAINSAW – Hit the Road (Way Back When)
ARMAGGEDON – Nada A Perder (Terrotten)

THE VICTIMS – TV Freak (bootleg)
VILETONES – Swastika Girl (Razor)
THE PROFESSIONALS – Just Another Dream (Virgin)

FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL – Blow Up the Embassy (Boner)
INSANE – Nuclear Ware (No Future)
FUCKED UP – Toronto FC (No Future)

TERMINAL STATE – Your Rules (Hate the 80s)
CAREER SUICIDE – Left With Nothing (Slasher)

TRANZMITORS – Dancing in the Front Row (La-Ti-Da)
THE FURYS – Say Goodbye to the Black Sheep (Double R)
THE SPEEDIES – You Need Pop (Radio Heartbeat)

JUDGMENT – Night Brings (HG Fact)
ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Back to Nothing (HG Fact)
FORWARD – Go For Broke (Bloodsucker)

Demo Feature
NERVOUS WRECKS – Like They Said (independent)
NERVOUS WRECKS – Equals Rainbows (independent)
NERVOUS WRECKS – No Mind (independent)
NERVOUS WRECKS – Between the Lines (independent)
NERVOUS WRECKS – Four (independent)

CLOROX GIRLS – Flowers of Evil (BYO)
THE SAINTS – Memories Are Made of This (Razor)
HARD SKIN – New Age (No Future)

THE TRASHIES – Sweatpants Boner (Bubbledumb)

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