Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010

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Bonehead Music - Oh Canaduh
SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh (Alternative Tentacles)

FIX ME - El Cobrador Loco (Sell Our Souls)
STATE - Destroyed Rock City (Punks Before Profits)
SBV - Chaos in Paradise (Refuse)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Once in a While (Refuse)
THE DEFENSE - Hard to Find (Crucial Response)

BLUNDERMEN - Stations of teh Crass (Ragamuffin Soldier)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Kepone Factory (Alternative Tentacles)
LAUGHING HYENAS - Crawl (Touch 'n Go)

BAD RELIGION - The Empire Strikes First (Epitaph)
THE ROOTS - !!!!!! (MCA)
MOS DEF - Rock 'n Roll (Rawkus)
BAD BRAINS - Attitude (Roir)
THROWDOWN - baby Got Back (Self-Released)

BROKEN NEEDLE – My Rules (Lengua Armada)
CURRAHEE – B Postive (Commitment)
INSURANCE RISK – Speak Our Minds (Crucial Response)
MAD WORLD – Pulling Me Down (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
ASSPISS – Already Dead (Suburban White Trash)

NERVE CITY - Get Gone (Hozac)
HAMMERHEAD - M.I.A. (Amphetamine Reptile)
SQUIRREL BAIT - Kid Dynamite (Homestead)
SOUL SIDE - Bass (Dischord)
PHLEG CAMP - Beaker(Final Notice)

MARILYN'S VITAMINS - Ernst Zundell, Voltaire And Me (Ugly Pop)
DOA - Disco Sucks (Sudden Death)
RIOT 99 - Destroy the City (Riot)
JERSEY - Untouchable (Fuelled by Ramen)

Demo Feature
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Graveyards (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Breakfast (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Cut Loose (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Toronto (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Open (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Worry Cycle (Self-Released)
SURROGATE ACTIVITY – Where this is Going (Self-Released)

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