Sunday, October 28, 2007

Radio - Sunday October 28, 2007

CHAOS U.K. - The End is Nigh (Cherry Red)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Hallowe'en (Alternative Tentacles)
NOMEANSNO - Dead Souls (Alternative Tentacles)
MISFITS - All Hell Breaks Lose (Ruby)
BAD BRAINS - Fearless Vampire Killers (Abstract)
DISKONTO - Happy Happy Hallowe'en (C.A.F.)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Hallowe'en Party (Self-Released)
ILL REPUTE - Monster Mash (Grand Theft Audio) THE
ACCUSED - the Hearse (Combat)

THE VAPIDS - Got Me on a Leash (Self-Released)
DICKIES - Manny, Moe and Jack (Captain Oi!)
TRANZMITORS - Everyone Wants to Lose Control (Deranged)
SHOCKS - Simulation (Dirty Faces)
KAKKA HATA-77 - Hamaan Haimatulehdukseen Asti (Combat Rock Industries)
SUNPOWER - My God Rides a Skateboard (Peter Bower)
SPERMBIRDS - Set an Example (Common Thread)

HOMOSTUPIDS - Back with the Wolf (CIUT)
Brown Items (CIUT)
Weekend (CIUT)
Candy Candor (CIUT)
Apeshit (CIUT)
Mr. Payback (CIUT)
Taping the Worm (CIUT)
Caveman (CIUT)
Flies Die (CIUT)
Interview (CIUT)
Station ID (CIUT)

RAW/WAR - Raw (Crash 'n Burn)
RED DONS - Everyday Distraction (Deranged)
YOUNG WASTENERS - Suburban Voize (Hjernespind)
DISSENT - Somewhere (Amity)
THE MEATMEN - I've Got a problem (Touch n Go)
ULCER - Don't Wanna Show It (Outcast)
EAD STOP - Dead alive (Deranged)
BATTLETORN - Terminal dawn (Mad at the World)
TOTALITAR - Klassinte Ras (Prank)
BILL BONDSMEN - End of the cold / Signals (Acme)
HONOR ROLE - I'm a Nerd (No Way)

Demo Feature
REPROBATES - Abandoned City (Self-Released)
REPROBATES - Brainwashed (Self-Released)
REPROBATES - Falling Apart (Self-Released)
REPROBATES - Self Destruct (Self-Released)
REPROBATES - Rat Maze (Self-Released)

TRIGGER EFFECT - Dropping Acid into the Eyes of Your Enemies (Signed by Force)

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