Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sudden Impact "No Rest from the Wicked" CD

This was the first of two CD releases by Marquee Records out of Brazil. It was part of a Classic core series by the label and coincided with some releases by Toronto thrash metal bands. This first CD collects the first album "No Rest from the Wicked", the demo "Freaked out", a live show from Montreal recorded in 1986, and some tracks recorded with the "It Came from the Pit" comp. Here is the track listing:

No Rest from the Wicked LP
1. Keep on Trucking
2. Just Yourself
3. No Rest from the Wicked
4. To Our Glorious Dead
5. First Time There
6. Bent
7. Terrorist Attack
8. Continuing Saga
9. Caught Up
10. Why Hide
11. Sudden Impact
12. I Got a Right

Freaked Out demo
13. Cat's Life
14. Paint Fumes
15. Caught Up
16. Bent OK
17. Steamy Loafs
18. New Song
19. Drunk Driving
20. Freaked Out
21. Sudden Impact
22. Gonzo

Live at Foufounnes Electrique (10/04/86)
23. Keep on Trucking
24. Why Hide
25. Paint Fumes
26. Bent OK
27. Caught Up
28. Same in the end
29. First Time There
30. Sudden Impact
It Came from the Pit session
31. Drunk Driving
32. Gonzo (Alternate version)


  1. I don't put up downloads for recordings. You gotta search elsewhere for those.