Sunday, October 21, 2007

Radio - Sunday, October 21, 2007

STATUES - Living in Lines (Radio 81)

WHITE LUNG - Amy White Out (Hockey Dad)
KAMIKAZE - Knit and Thrash (Dirty Faces)
KIELTOLAKI - Uskallatko Kyseenalaistaa ? (Moo Cow)
STATE - Fight to be Free (Punks Before Profit$)
BLANK STARE - Violence (Refuse)

TRUST - Egoismo (Emancypunx)
HIT ME BACK - In the eyes of those who don't see (Refuse)
HOODS UP - Best of Times (Refuse)
BLACK JACKET - Democratic Timebomb (Self-Released)
NEW WINDS - Half Mast Flag (Refuse)
7 SECONDS - Walk Together, Rock Together (Positive Force)

Studio 3 Session
STATUES - You Can't Wash (Dirty Thoughts) (CIUT)
STATUES - Distance / Duration (CIUT)
STATUES - Electric Fences (CIUT)
STATUES - Living in Lines (CIUT)
STATUES - Nerve Damage (CIUT)
STATUES - Pin Point (CIUT)
STATUES - Shipping News (CIUT)
STATUES - The Last Stand (CIUT)
STATUES - Interview (CIUT)
STATUES - The Last Stand (Radio 81)

WASTE MANAGEMENT - W.B.D. (Painkiller)
SECOND OPINION - American Way (Cowabunga)
NO CONTEST - Where Do We Go From Here ? (Mad at the World)
BRAIN HANDLE - Been Done (Fashionable Idiots)
THE RITES - Are We Still Laughing / Pig Gestapo (Dead Alive)
DISCARGA - A Agera ? / Vivendo (Peculio Discos)
DRY ROT - Human Trophy (Cold Vomit)
KAKKA-HATA 77 - Kakku Hata 77 Go Go (Combat Rock Industry)
DERIDE - Yourself (Mad at the World)
SSD - Words That Kill (Taang!)
THE STRAPS - No Liquor (Donut)

Demo Feature
HARD CHARGER - Hard Charger Death Stomp (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Overdose Boogie (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Blood Soaked Highway (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Invader (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Beer Bong (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Pure Evil (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - I'm Your Worst Nightmare (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Line Wars (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Pipe Bomb (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Ruiner (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Hammer Down (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - No Backing Down (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Thunder Toke (Self-Released)
HARD CHARGER - Hellbound War Dead (Self-Released)

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