Sunday, August 3, 2008

Radio - Sunday, August 3, 2008

THE WAY OUTS - No Time (Self-Released)

Studio 3 Session
THE WAY OUTS - Wayouts Theme / No Time (CIUT)
THE WAY OUTS - I Just Want To (CIUT)
THE WAY OUTS - Wild at the Beach / Slow Down / Breakout (CIUT)
THE WAY OUTS - Long Weekend (CIUT)

THE WAY OUTS - Red Rover (Self-Released)
THE WAY OUTS - Interview (CIUT)
THE WAY OUTS - Wild at the Beach / Theme (Self-Released)

DISHRAGS - Love is Shit (Jem)
VAPID - Whore (Nominal)
THE NYMPHETS - Dreaming (Self-Released)
B-GIRLS - Who Says Girls Can’t Rock (Other People’s Music)
JOHNNY AND THE G RAYS - It can’t Be Right (Self-Released0

TEENAGE WARNING - No War (Self-Released)
URBAN WASTE - Police Brutality (Bootleg)
CITIZENS ARREST - To Serve and Protect (DeadAlive)
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Black and Blue (Even Worse)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Producers of Grain (625 Productions)
F.P.O. - I Sold Myself (Commitment)
TAKE CONTROL - Sidelines (Commitment)

Demo Feature
DEATH IS EASY - Rusted Worker (Self-Released)
DEATH IS EASY - Urine Paranoia (Self-Released)
DEATH IS EASY - Desperation (Self-Released)
DEATH IS EASY - Flushed (Self-Released)
DEATH IS EASY - Defeated (Self-Released)
DEATH IS EASY - Death is Easy (Self-Released)
DEATH IS EASY - Lead to Slaughter (Self-Released)

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