Friday, August 8, 2008

Tyranna ep

TYRANNA were a second wave punk band that existed in 1979-1980 period. The band was the brain child of Vera Skye (a.k.a. Rabies) who got the musicians together, came up with the name for the band (a female version for Tyrant), and wrote the lyrics. Johnny Bubblegum who went on to start the WAY OUTS and Rabies recruited Cleave Anderson at the Last Pogo because he had just left the BATTERED WIVES. So this ep represents a recording that has been resurrected out of a session sometime between 1979 and 1980. The band lasted for exactly a year. The opening track “Back Off Baby” originally appeared on a comp called “No Pedestrians” which was a local punk comp that appeared in the early 80’s and featured all kinds of other great punk bands from Toronto like ZR04. The ep recording was done at a small studio in Hamilton that Mickey de Sasist knew and there are a few more that didn’t make it on here. The song “Shockface” is a short little 30 second blast. Two of the members went by the “Johnny” pseudonym and they thought Rabies might have been singing about them so it created a bit of paranoia within the band. The music is early punk and is on the melodic side. Rabies has a Josie Cotton style of delivery. And this is the first release on a new label that a book store / record store in the city has started up. The store is called Frantic City but the label is called Boppa Do Down and you can write for your copy at 123 Ossington Avenue / Toronto, ON / M6J 2E2 / Canada / The songs on here are:
1. Back Off Baby
2. Shockface
3. Johnny
4. Revenge
5. My Neighbour

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