Monday, August 18, 2008

Vapid s/t ep

This is a fledling new band out of Vancouver that rocks like a motherfucker. VAPID by their own admission draw on the 60’s girl group phenomenon, the DISHRAGS, BIKINI KILL, and local bands like WHITE LUNG. The shimmies and shakes of the girl group era make it into the lyrics of “Earthquake” which is a song about public paranoia so it is a bit ironic or maybe just a good pun. All three songs are great raw primal punk sounding and some across as a female fronted GERMS or X RAY SPEX meets the BAYONETTES. It is lo fi in style and noisey in terms of a bashing it out approach. It’s a gem. (Nominal Records / 726 Richards Street / Vancouver, BC / V6B 3A4 / Canada). The songs on here are:

1. Do the Earthquake
2. Victim
3. Whore

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