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Radio - Sunday, August 10, 2008

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The Screwed are a punk band puled together featuring legends in the early Toronto punk scene. The original idea was to be a jam band that would play songs from 1977 and that lead to a CD release of covers of songs that came out in the year. Cleave Anderson, the drummer from Tyranna, the Way Outs, Battered Wives and so many other great bands came up with the idea. he convinced John Borra of Neon Rome fame and Steve Koch of the Viletones and Demics fame to play bass and guitar in this band. They recruited Steve Saint from the Sinisters to sing.

The band has started doing originals and songs from the early local scene. This session was recorded and played live on the show and what you are hearing in this session is pumped up from the downstairs studio into a channel on our braodcast board. The live session is followed up with an interview with the band trying to capture some of the significance that these folks played on the scene, but also the things that they are doing now like the various themed nights at clubs in Toronto with singers from the first wave of the Toronto scene. Here is the set list based around our discussion.

THE SCREWED - Pretty Vacant (Self-Released) cover of the Sex Pistols

Studio 3 Session
THE SCREWED - Suzie Peroxide (CIUT) cover of the Secrets

THE SCREWED - Green Haired Girl (CIUT)
THE SCREWED - Barbra (CIUT) cover of the Modernettes
THE SCREWED - New York City (CIUT) cover of the Demics
THE SCREWED - Your Generation (CIUT) cover of Generation X
THE SCREWED - Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonight (CIUT) cover of the Rezillos
THE SCREWED - Screamin' Fist (CIUT) cover of the Viletones
THE SCREWED - Disgusteen (CIUT) cover of Teenage Head

Show listings by Gena Maldezy

THE SCREWED - Career Opportunities (Self-Released)

THE SCREWED - Interview with Steve Saint (CIUT)
COSMIC SAINTS - Lemonade (Unreleased)
SINISTERS - Private World (Unreleased)

NEON ROME - Magical Summer of ’85 (New Rose)
THE SCREWED - Interview with John Borra (CIUT)

NEON ROME - Windowsill (New Rose)

THE SCREWED - Interview with Steve Koch (CIUT)
VILETONES - Don’t You Lie (Live at the Edge, 1979 with Sam Ferera (bass) and Tony Torcher (drums). Recorded for Q107)
THE SCREWED - Interview with Steve Koch (CIUT)

VILETONES - We Say Yeah (Live at the Edge, 1979 with Sam Ferera (bass) and Tony Torcher (drums). Recorded for Q107) This is where Screamin' sam gets his name Screamin' from.

THE SCREWED - Interview with Cleave Anderson (CIUT)
BATTERED WIVES - Giddy (Live at the El Mocambo, 1978)

THE SCREWED - Interview with the entire band (CIUT)

THE SCREWED - Interview with the entire band (CIUT). There was a scatch on the CD that this interview was transfered from so this part of the interview skips a little.

Some originals recorded at a different session not used in the broadcast:

THE SCREWED - Clarence Jonkers (CIUT)
Gettin' Beat Up (CIUT)
Red Line Man (CIUT)
THE SCREWED - Green Haired Girl (CIUT)
Vivienne and Malcolm (CIUT)

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