Thursday, September 1, 2011

Overpower “Hogtown Skins” CD

OVERPOWER are a local oi skinhead band featuring members of HOLD A GRUDGE, RAMMER, the PROWLERS, and KOPS FOR CHRIST. Pat Laso, the bassist from BLUNDERMEN, is singing in this band and his vocals are low growls. This is a heavier oi than what I am used to. Sort of an oi crossed with tough guy hardcore. But Laso is part of the anti racist movement here in Toronto and the heaviness is a sign of his commitment. And these themes of loyalty play themselves out in songs like “The Wrong Side”, “The Crew”, and “Good Fight”. I know Laso is a big Toronto FC supporter as well and these themes run throughout

whether they be the photo on the back cover taken from the bunker at BMO field or the offside analogies that make the lyrics in “The Wrong Side”. These subtleties are not lost on me. One of the highlights off this is the cover of the OPPRESSED’s “Work Together”. It’s a great song and a local anti-fascist label, Insurgence Records, re-issued the OPRESED material a year or tow ago and so Toronto folks have been re-living the OPPRESSED anthems recently. OVERPOWER plays on this synergy by picking the OPPRESSED best known song to cover. I dare you to try and not sing along. Insurgence is making this release available as a digital download with proceeds being raised for A.F.A.

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