Monday, September 26, 2011

Radio - Sunday, September 25th, 2011

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PENETRATION PANTHERS - Lipstick on Leather (A389 Records)

DEVO - Space Junk (Warner Bros)
PICK YOUR SIDE - Webs in the Sky (A389 Records)
THE LOVE BELOW - High Friends in Low Places (A389 Records)
TARANTUJA - Burning the Bridges (Unrest)
LEGION666 - Evil (Schizophrenic)
OVERPOWER - Montreal (self-Released)
GEHENNA - Caveman (A389 REcords)
GRAVEHILL - Black Mass Prophecy (A389 Records)

THE SPITS - She Don't Care (In the Red)
THE DICKIES - Give It Back (A&M)
THE OKMONIKS - Not That Good (Slovenly)
THEE MIGHTY CEASARS - Lie Detector (Crypt)
GENTLEMEN OF HORROR - Overhead projector (No Exit)

ARTICLES OF FAITH - What we want is free (Version Sound)
FUCKED UP - Two Snakes (Vice)
SLOBS - Technophile Society (Cowabunga)
HARDA TIDER - Bring the Ruckus (Not Enough)
HYSTERESE - Headlocked (Self-Released)
SEPTIC DIETER - operland (Yakuzzi Tapes)
ABSURD - Bojkotta Coca-Cola (Killed by death)

DEATH TRIP - No Hicks (Feral Kid / Warm Bath)
HOMEWRECKER - Internal Morgue (A389 Records)
SWINDLED - Apathy Rules (Swi-Fi Music)
B-LINES - It Rains (Deranged / Nominal)
DEAF MUTATIONS - Mutation Shuffle (Static Shock)
PULLING TEETH - Extinction (A389 Records)
OMEGAS - Social Slasher (High Anxiety)
WHOLE IN THE HEAD - A Brief History of Working Class Resistance (Warm Bath)
NUCLEAR CULT - Heimspiel (Warm Bath)

NOTFUNNYANYMORE - College Park (One Way)
ADOLESCENTS - Amoeba (Frontier)
IRON CROSS - Crucified for your sins (GMM)
BLUE DEMONS - Hot and Heavy (Schizophrenic)
FUNGI GIRLS - Velvet Days (Hozac)

CIVIL VICTIM - We are 129A (Cowabunga)
LOW PLACES - Controlled Chaos (A389 Records)
DYS - City to City (Taang!)
SABERTOOTH ZOMBIE - Send the pigs (12 Gauge)
ANIMAL FACES - Living Spaces

Demo Feature
TOTAL WAR - Total War (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - And For What (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Lifeline (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - Mind Destruct (Self-Released)
TOTAL WAR - They Lead, We Follow (Self-Released)

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