Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Unlearn LP

Isn’t this always the way. As soon as a band gets an LP out they are broken up. That is the case for UNLEARN. I was just reading on the UNLEARN blog that they played their last show in September. That’s a shame because these guys rage. Do you remember at the beginning of hardcore just after the first DISCHARGE record had come out and many bands were trying to sound like them but very unsuccessfully and that was alright because they were creating all these amazing styles of hardcore in the process. Like the FARTZ who tried to be like DISCHARGE or RATTUS from Finland or WARSYSTEM from Denmark. That is what it is like listening to UNLEARN. The DISCHARGE influence is there but I would never say they play d-beat. And in an interview found in September’s, the bassist credits DISCHARGE as being an influence. But UNLEARN credit early Finnish hardcore and even more artistic noise bands like G.I.S.M. as playing a part into how fucked up they sound. Think DISORDER and DISCHARGE having it out in Helsinki in the early 80’s. (Deranged Records – P.O. Box 21534 / Vancouver, BC / V5L 5G2 / Canada / http://www.derangedrecords.com/)

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