Monday, April 22, 2013

Radio - Sunday April 21st, 2013

This is the semi-annual fundraising drive show. This season's theme is "the Evolution continues", which is a take off on the last theme "The Evolution of Sound". So we started off tonight's show with Devo who represent devolution. And isn't that what punk is a deconstruction of mainstream rock. You can hear tonight's show here.

DEVO - Jocko Homo (Warner Brothers)

Here is a sneak preview of new Stranglers material due out in mid May.

THE STRANGLERS - 15 Steps (Absolute / Ear Music)
MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS - Monotone (Din Disc)

Jon Sharron, guitar for Hassler and the Valley Boys, talked about his experiences with EXD and the Studio 3 sessions. He made the case that we have something unique with this broadcast and he brought in a special limited edition Hassler package to get people donating to CIUT.

Here is a set made up of songs from Studio 3 sessions that will appear on another pledge incentive, which is a Punks 'n Rockers DVD. The set is mad eup of songs that will appear on the DVD.


We programmed a set around bands that will be scheduled for Studio 3 sessions in the coming months.

WASTOIDS - Fortunate Son (Self-Released)
ANCIENT HEADS - Outrage (Self-Released)
SPEARHEAD - Killing The Past (Self-Released)

CULO - Modern Depression (Deranged)
GAUZE -Thrash Thrash Thrash (Selfish)
SONS OF ISHMAEL - Condemned to Life (Schizophrenic)
SECTARIAN VIOLENCE - Dig your grave (Grave Mistake)
WAR WOUND - Holocaust (Self-Released)
THE KIDS -oney is all I need (Philips)

BUREAUCRATS - Feel the Pain (Ugly Pop)
POINTED STICKS - What do you want me to do (Ugly Pop)
THE FEATURES - Floozie of the Nieghbourhood (Last Laugh)

RAKKAUS - Sudenhetki (Barrage of Salt)
D AND V - Wake Up (Crass)
ABDUCTORS - Your decision (Self-Released)
SYPHLETIX - You're Syphletic (Destroy)

MALINHEADS - Becks and Sex (Pogar)
WARDS - 2z Killed (Medical)

Cleave Anderson talks about a new release for a project he was in with Chris Houston and Mikey DeSadist of the Forgotten Rebels. They have a singkle out that he offered up in a prize package.

Aldo shares some behind the scenes moments at Studio 3 not captured by our recordings. Very candid.

TEENGENERATE - Right Side of my mind (Dionysus)
NO BUNNY - Motorhead with Me (Hozac)
DESASDIST A GO GO - Shit for Brains (Schizophrenic)

Here are some songs from demo features over the last six months.

GUILT PARTY - Double Standards (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Crouchy (Self-Released)
NO MISTAKE - Unibrower (Self-Released)
CONCRETE ASYLUM - You're spit to me (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Chicago likened to Urban Blight in the vocals. The drumming is as manic as early Gang Green. You can get the demo at rag demo, but I downloaded it from Narrow Mind at

GAS RAG - Market Crash (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - It Hurts (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - Progress (Self-Released)
GAS RAG - War Pervert (Self-Released)

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