Sunday, February 18, 2018

Radio - Sunday, February 18th, 2018

John Cooper Clarke is coming to town and so we started off the show with an old track by him. See the show listings on the right. Download the show here.

JOHN COOPER CLARKE – Midnight Shift (Epic)

The Real Mckenzies are coming to town so here is some new material by them.

THE REAL MCKENZIES - Sail Again (Stomp)
THE PROWLERS - Serial Pousseur (Insurgence / Aggrobeat / General Strike)
THE NOBLE SAVAGES - Fire in the World (Self-Released)
THE LUCKY ONES - Round and Round (Stumble)
SOCIETY`S ILLS - Shotgun Menard (Self-Released)
RIPCORDZ - Made in Montreal (En Guard / Stomp)

MELVINS – Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More (Boner)
BORN AGAINST – Well Feed Fuck (Vermiform)
INFEST – My World…My Way (Deep Six)
D.I. – Purgatory (Revenge)
HAXAN – Specter (Self-Released)

RED ROOM - TV's (Self-Released)
RAKINS - Stray Cats Lament (Self-Released
CHILLER – Monophonic (Dirt Cult)
XERTZ - Tunnel Vision (Self-Released
SCIENCE PROJECT - Deformed Depraved (Neck Chop)

GBH are coming to town.

GBH – City Baby’s Revenge (Clay)
COCK SPARRER – I Got Your Number (Razor)
UK SUBS – Teenage (GEM)
DOA – World War 3 (Alternative Tentacles)

A set on Mexico inspired by the DFMK interview in MRR

BIO CRISIS - Restos de nada (Replenish)
BONEBREAKER - Old as Dust (Self-Released)
CADENAXO – Arde (Self-Released)
XHENDRIX – Lluvias (Self-Released)
DFMK - Homicida Juvenil (Self-Released)

First half of this set features bands that Peter Swedenhammer was in. He also does the Killed by Death website.

ISOTOPE SOAP – Fancy Inbred Humans (Reich Chords)
PUSRAD - Do Re Mi (Just 4 Fun)
RAPED TEENAGERS – Roggggaa (Arda)
SELF-DECONSTRUCTION – Slight (Lost Rivers Product)
TARANTUJA – Misery (Unrest)

Tonight’s demo feature is a new band from Vancouver called CANDY.  You can find their demo on bandcamp.

CANDY – They are Watching (Self-Released)
CANDY – You Can’t (Self-Released)
CANDY – Burning Towers (Self-Released)
CANDY – Alien (Self-Released)
CANDY – Lost in My Head (Self-Released)
CANDY – On the Frey (Self-Released)
CANDY – Bears (Self-Released)

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