Sunday, March 6, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 6th, 2016

Nancy Reagan died today. Here is what we think of the Reagan legacy. Download the show here.

FINAL CONFLICT - Burial Service (Pusmort)

DEAD KENNEDYS – We’ve Got a Bigger problem Now (Alternative Tentacles)
VAN DAMAGED – Nancy (Self-Released)
REAGAN SS - Taste the Rich Flavour (Gloom)
DRI – Reagonomics (Death)
FINAL CONFLICT - Private War (Pusmort)

THE DISASTERBATERS – Searchin’ (Self-Released)
OUTTACONTROLLER – Hit the Streets (P-Trash)
PINK WINE – Wasted Breath (Young Modern)
BRAT KINGS – Girl Quit the Cocaine (Yeah Right)
NO BUNNY – Motorhead with Me (Goner)

THE DEACONS - Liquor Store (Self-Released)
GAUCHO - Guerpos Mutilados (Iron Lung)
SYNDROME 81 – Traitre (Destructure)
VANILLA POPPERS - Rock Bottom (Blow Blood)
USELESS EATERS - Car Accident Face (Slovenly)
VLASTA POPIC - Slijepa naša (Mržnja) (Moonlee)
VERTIGO - Bajo la sombra del castigo (Self-Released)

FINGERPRINTZ - Ringing Tone (Virgin)
THE STIFFS - Volume Control (Zonophone)
ART ATTACKS - Arabs In 'Arrads (Overground)
A-HEADS - Minute Man (Self-Released)
999- Jam Me Up (With Something Nice) (Get Back)

LES ABLETTES - Spontanéité……Zéro!!! (Self-Released)
SUBWAY - Squeeze Me (Universe Productions)
PROTEX - I Can Only Dream (Polydor)
SWEATSHOP BOYS - Special Mood (Twintoe)

QUITTER – Bodyworm (More Power)
SCIENCE PROJECT - Oh Boy (Self-Released)
GOTH GIRL – Wyrm (Self-Released)
TRAUMA HARNESS - Site B (Self-Released)

SEEIN’ RED - D.O.M. (Way Back)
BLOOD PRESSURE - Bleak (Beach Impediment)
CARDIAC ARREST - Frustrate Me (Way Back)
FUCK YOU PAY ME – Jesus Loves You (Everyone Else Thinks You’re an Asshole) (Deep Six)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Hostage Situation (Self-Released)

NEW REGRETS - Ripper (Clearview)
THE PLAIN DEALERS - Terminal Darkness on Public Square (Public Square)
SICK OF TALK – Go/Gunned Down (Self-Released)
WORTHY VICTIMS - First Impression (Self-Released)
WITNESS PROTECTION - Going, Gone (Self-Released)

We played only a small bit of a new D-Beat band from Montreal called Cloaca

CLOACA – Social Cloaca (Self-Released)
CLOACA – Ideals vs. Paycheck (Self-Released)
CLOACA – Pig (Self-Released)

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