Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Katatonix Studio 3 session

When we did the SAGO session, Alex the singer said to me you should really have the Katatonnix in. I didn't know who the Katatonix were. Alex explained the Sofistifucks connection. Alex is the drummer in the Sofistifucks and Jakob who sings in Katatonix plays bass in the Sofistifucks. Paul plays guitar in both bands. So that is the connection. They all play in the Sofistifucks and the Sofistifucks are still together however they are taking a break while Downey is doing school. I think it might be graduate work. But this band also came together because Vince from Make No Gains wanted to be in a band with Paul and Jakob. Jakob and Vince are both from the east coast and there is something to that which helps create a chemistry in this band. Curtis is the drummer in School Damage and he wanted to play in another kind of punk band that is meaner and angrier. The seem to have accomplished that with Katatonix. In the interview the recurring theme about Katatonix songs are misanthropic in nature. We recorded the following songs in this session:

1. Race to the End
2. Pharma Lobotomy / Drowning
3. No Hope
4. Rust
5. Rip Off
6. Deep Stench
7. Discomfort / Disconnect

The band also did an ID for the show.

This session was recorded in Studio 3 by Ian Wilkinson. This is the last session recorded in the broadcast studio. Since this session an engineer has given the opinion that these live sessions have been effecting the wiring of the broadcast board and so we no longer are able to use this studio, which effects the sound.

This session was also video recorded by Aldo and Candy of Punks and Rockers.

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