Sunday, March 13, 2016

Radio - Sunday, March 13th, 2016

Shequalizing-X-Distort returns for an annual International Women's Day broadcast with hosts Sarde, Zoe, Marji, and Chloe. They also had a guest host in from Halifax named Rosie who currently sings in Outcry and formerly played guitar in Vixens, who were out here for a Not Dead Yet show. The show features material so new that in one instance it was recorded yesterday. There is historical and contemporary punk being played side by side. There are mad shout outs throughout the program and hilarious banter one story of which involved a beatdown between Humpty Dumpty and Miss Vickies. Not to be missed. Photos and playlist coming soon. You can download an MP3 here.

KRIMEWATCH – Peach Generation (Self-Released)

THE DEATH – It's not a Joke / Pile Drawer (Self-Released)
WHIP KISSER – Disco (Self-Released)
SIYAHKAL – Untitled (Unreleased)
MIRROR – Bootlicker (Self-Released)
TRIAGE – Secret War (Self-Released)

MADDAME – Endless Feeling
OUTCRY – Process (Self-Released)
CHROMA – Por Llegar (Self-Released)
BEAUTY REST – Mask (Self-Released)

THE DEAD – Duty Calls
HALF READ – No System (Self-Released)
INTENSE DEGREE – Politician (Earache)
COLLAGEN – Vigil (Self-Released)

A BITCH NAMED JOHANNA – I'm a Bitch (Project X)
WOMB RAIDER – Make Waves (Self-Released)
GAZM – No Escape (Self-Released)

JJ DOLL – Egoist (D4MT Labs Inc Neuronsonic Research)
THE RATS – Kids are Kids
SHEER MAG – Nobody's Baby (Static Shock)

ANOMIE - Liens II (Sarja / Anima)
PROM NITE - It's Boring (Self-Released)
HAGAR THE WOMB - Dressed to Kill (Mortarhate)

PATSY - Tuley Tude High (Total Punk)
BORED TO DEATH - Bored to Death Anthem (Recess)
NOG WATT - Big Warning, Big Mistake (Revenge)
STUCK PIGS - Stuck Pigs (Self-Released)
I.C.E. - Joke's On You (Self-Released)

UNIT 3 WITH VENUS - Beer (Permanent)
MICROFILM - Centerfold (Unforgettable / Missing Link)
DROIDZ - Deflagration (Self-Released)
POISON GIRLS - Jump Mama Jump (Small Wonder)

HONEYBANE - Girl on the Run (CRASS)

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